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What is a Soaking Tub?

The latest fad in baths is a soaking tub. A soaking tub with or without a heater may be installed. What sets a soaking bathtub apart from a regular bathtub is its depth. Soaker tubs, especially extra deep soaking tubs, can accommodate a full body soak in shoulder deep water. A soaking tub is a perfect option if you want a tranquil relaxation.

Wash your stress away with a Japanese Soaking Tub

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Soaking tubs take inspiration from Japanese designs. The Japanese tub is known as Ofuro and is often installed in a large open room. Like most Japanese rituals and customs, bathing is an elaborate affair. It has always held a special significance in Japanese history. It was part of a special Buddhist cleansing tradition which required the use of a special tub. With time these tubs, known as soaking tubs, became immensely popular.

A Japanese style tub is much smaller than its Western counterpart, making it a perfect soaking tub for small bathrooms. It features built in seats and mostly resemble a large barrel but are deeper. This design helps one sit and soak comfortably.

The unique design helps it retain heat longer and withstand high temperatures. The Japanese never wash themselves in the soaking tub. The washing is done before entering the tub and the tub is mainly meant for rejuvenation by way of soaking.

Different types of Soaking Tub

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A soaking tub melts stress away and the variety available can accommodate whatever your bathing and relaxation needs. Standalone soaking tubs are designed to stand outside any walled enclosure. These include the vintage style claw foot or pedestal style tubs. Soaking tubs with massage and bubble jets are known as jetted soaking tubs. They take the relaxation experience to another level.

Drop in soaking tubs are designed for enclosures. They are literally "dropped in" an existing platform in the bathroom. Walk-in soaking tubs, on the other hand feature an outward opening door or opening and are  sometimes equipped with a massager or jets and whirlpools. There are framed soaking tubs which are supported by a metal or wooden frame and corner baths meant for bathroom corners especially those with windows.

Soaking Tub Features and Materials

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Materials used also vary often such as wood, stainless steel, copper, tiles or porcelain. Elongated, curvy soaking tubs are more conventional. It depends on you whether you opt for a round soaking tub or a small soaker tub which are usually more suitable for modern homes. An oversized bathtub or a spa bathtub is more appropriate for a property that can accommodate the same.

Soaking tubs usually provide relaxation by way of aroma or massage therapy and modern tubs come equipped with all sorts of features such as temperature control and even Chroma therapy.

Soaking tubs may also come in an assortment of sizes. A 60 inch soaking tub is just the starting length and go up to 72 inches typically. The 60 inches or less, small soaking tubs are perfect for small bathrooms. Meanwhile, there are large soaking tubs (more than 60 inches) and even a soaking tub for two which make a perfect bathroom centerpiece for large bathrooms.

An average tub holds up to 250 gallons of water and single or two person variations are available. They are plumbed for standard bathtubs and installation is pretty simple so relax and remember to leave all your worries outside the tub.

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Buying a bathtub, whether a soaking tub or not, is one of the vital decisions you’ll make for your home, more so for the people who will use it, so it’s definitely important to know the nitty-gritty of it.

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