5 Reasons Why AcraStone Bathtubs are Superior

1) AcraStone Quality

AcraStone is the only material durable enough to carry exclusive Limited Lifetime warranties among many brands. AcraStone bathtubs are known to be beautiful, strong and dependable for years. AcraStone is thick, strong, and warm to the touch. The color is chip and wear resistant with a porcelain-like surface inside and out. No other bathtub in the industry, including cast iron bathtubs can beat AcraStone's features.

2) Double Acrylic Shell

AcraStone bathtubs are layered with thick acrylic on the inside surface, then with an ABS Backing, an AcraStone stone/resin compound, another layer of ABS Backing and another thick acrylic layer on the outside surface. Our exclusive process creates a strong and high quality clawfoot tub with a beautiful shine inside and out.

3) Thick Acrylic Surface

Clawfoot tubs made with tis material are typically 1/2" thick or thicker, depending on the style. The high gloss surface material is 1/4" thick and can be buffed over and over again to repair scratches, or simply to restore it's beautiful shine.

4) Stronger but lighter than Cast Iron

AcraStone bathtubs are lighter, stronger, and more durable than a cast iron bathtub. A cast iron bathtub also requires more floor support, more labor to install, and is more expensive to transport.

5) Better Heat Retention

AcraStone bathtubs have a natural warmth and smooth feel. The thickness of our bathtubs combine to preserve heat retention longer than a cast iron bathtubs.