Experience a relaxing home spa with soaking tubs

Those people who want to relax and experience the spa right inside their homes should buy a soaking tub now.

Usually, deeper than a regular bathtub, soaking tubs offer a one of a kind relaxation since it allows you to fully submerged yourself in water.

Based on studies, a soaking tub has a 23 inches height much higher than regular tubs at 19 inches.

Most soaking tubs can hold many as 250 gallons of water compared to average tubs who can only handle between 25 and 45 gallons.

A soaking tub could either have a clawfoot or rest directly on the floor. In terms of placement, soaking tubs can be free-standing, placed against a wall, or sunken. As far as size is concerned soaking tubs blow regular tubs out of the water, with some topping out at 90 inches in length and 76 inches in width—big enough to accommodate two bathers.

Many people are buying soaking tubs because it offers a  therapeutic experience and a unique opportunity to unwind in total luxury.

Aside from the relaxing experience it offers, soaking tubs are also selling like hotcakes because they can also add beauty to your bathroom.

Typically, soaking tubs are placed inside a big master bathroom but in some places with mild climates soaking tubs are usually placed outside.

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