Linen Cabinets

Tips on Arranging Linen Cabinets

The following are some tips on how to arrange a linen cabinet to keep your home neat and tidy while enhancing the appeal of the general décor.

- Store only things which you need. Discard those unwanted clothes and arrange hangers to the rod accordingly. Hide all those warm clothes when they are not necessary. There are some space-savers like under-bed boxes and vacuum-sealed storage bags to store unwanted clothes which can be stored in the garage or attic. Ski boots, scuba wet suit and holiday clothing that you need only occasionally can be stored this way and not in the linen cabinets.

- Now that the excess clothing is removed, the linen closet can easily be designed for the linen that is used regularly. You can evaluate your linen needs and take the help of a good design house to create a utilitarian linen closet to suit your requirements. Take into account growing family needs. Though hanging clothes from a rod that is provided inside the closet is the tradition, folded clothes can be stored in a closet which has more shelves and drawers. Ironed clothes stay wrinkle-free only if they are kept in a closet or drawer that has enough space.

- Choosing a linen cabinet that has shelves and shelf dividers will serve you better to keep bulky rugs, bed linen, table linen and bath linen.

- Work out some order while arranging your linen closet. It can save you much bother later and can be a godsend when you are looking for something in a hurry.

- Not many people prefer to have a laundry hamper because dirty clothes kept inside will spread odor that will also spoil your clean clothes. Linen cabinets are useful as a storage space for all you fabrics, footwear and any other item that needs to be kept away.