Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

In The Bathroom Mosaic Tiles have been in use since the Roman Empire Era and have been used to decorate floors, ceiling and walls. They are made from various materials including shells, stone or glass and are arranged in beautiful picturesque patterns.  In order to curb costs of production and installation, recycled materials are used and these include glass or other materials that are priced at a fraction of the original pieces. The lifespan of the tiles depends on how they are installed. If done correctly, they can last for thousands of years and there is proof in modern day Italy as well as other countries in Europe. The use of these tiles has proliferated because of the adoption of more affordable materials to make them.

Among the most commonly used designs is the Greek key. A combination of white and black marble is used for the tiles. Larger tiles are laid down in the center of the floor. The smaller tiles are inserted around the larger ones.

There is no limit to the design and creativity placed in the use of Mosaic tiles!

Points on Hiring a Contractor

You can recreate any image on your floor like classic paint canvas images. When hiring a contractor the main point to be taken into consideration is the amount of thought and work that will go into the job. This is how the price is determined. Consequently, the designer determines the final cost of installation in relation to what you would want in your bathroom area.