Whirlpool Tubs

How to Maintain Your Whirlpool Tubs

As a proud owner of a whirlpool tub, you must be enjoying the pleasure of power jets and warm bubbles along with your children. While a whirlpool tub is ideal for massaging pain points and stress areas you should remember it is not a spa and maintaining it. In general the best whirlpool tubs are those which are fixed to the ground as then it becomes easier to fix the motor and jets. Since these tubs are more difficult to maintain then regular bathtubs here are a few tips you can use to keep them clean and free of damage. Since these tubs are expensive, it is advisable to buy them when spa baths are for sale when the seller will dispose them at cheaper rates.

Cleaning before filling the tub for the first time

After installation of the bathtub, dust off all debris and use a damp flannel to clean off all the dirt after which you can clean it again with a non-abrasive detergent and rinse it before filling it completely for the first time.
a)     If yours is a corner whirlpool bath then fill it with hot water for the first time leaving water level two inches above topmost jet.
b)    Add dish-wash detergent along with bleach to the water and operate the whirlpool at full speed to check its capacity and power.
c)     If yours is an air jetted bathtub it will have air bath and you can use that too after which you can rinse the tub.
d)    After cleaning and rinsing the tub, carry out a similar procedure with cold water so that your tub’s jets are clear and working properly.

Regular maintenance schedule for bathtubs with jets

If your bathtub is a cheap whirlpool bath for one person then it will most probably be made of acrylic or porcelain which is easy to clean and maintain by keeping them covered with a vinyl cover.  If the tub has been idle for a few weeks then try out a similar cleaning procedure as you did after setting the bath.
Whirlpool tubs are the ideal instruments of relaxation at home by turning them into cheap spas with air jetted tubs spraying water scented with bath salts into stressed regions of your tired body. If you can afford it then cheap whirlpool baths are available which can be ideally used as a 2 person spa with bubble bath to turn relaxation into a mood for romance. If your whirlpool tub is being used on a regular basis for regular baths or hydrotherapy baths then cleaning or maintaining it will not much of a problem as there will be lesser buildup of algae or bacteria. To avoid this problem buyers sometimes use self-cleaning whirlpool bathtubs.