Whether you’re choosing a bathtub for a newly constructed bathroom or replacing one in an existing bathroom, your first step is to pick the appropriate installation type.

Types of Bathtub Installation

Alcove Tub Installation

Alcove bathtubs are installed in a recessed nook within a room, and are surrounded by walls on three sides. These tubs will have unfinished exteriors on several sides, as well as flanges to help prevent water from leaking into your walls.

Corner Tub Installation

Corner bathtubs are roughly triangle-shaped in order to fit in to the corner of your room, accommodating two or more bathers at a time.

Drop-in Tub Installation

Drop in bathtubs, often the installation used for whirlpool tubs, are designed to simply settle into a pre-cut hole. If the hole in your surface is cut to the appropriate size, the edges of a drop-in tub will keep it flush with your surface as soon as you drop it in.

Undermount Installation

Undermount bathtubs have edges that are invisible from the outside. You install your tub beneath a hole of the appropriate size, bracing it from below, and let the surrounding tile or stone merge seamlessly with the tub.

Freestanding Tub Installation

This most visually-striking type of installation creates a bathtub that is a focal point in the room. Your freestanding tub can be seen and accessed from all sides of the room.