4 reasons why you need to buy an air tub

One of the coolest luxury bathroom items to buy these days is an air tub.

Air tubs allow you to create a spa-like environment in your very own home.

This one-of-a-kind bathtub uses air to provide a therapeutic massage through the use of its jets, similar to a whirlpool and soaking bathtub, but at a more affordable price point.

Aside from the relaxing massage that it offers to users, here are four other reasons why you need to buy an air tub now.

  1. Water therapy --- Having your own air tubs at home allows you to experience relaxing and healing effects caused by the water produced by air tubs.
Air tubs can offer relief to muscles and joints, increase circulation and activate the lymphatic system. 
The bubbles produced by air tubs energize the body. The gentle massage offered by air tubs is also best for those suffering from chronic pain or the elderly. 
Constant use of air tubs also leads to the increased production of endorphins, considered as the body’s “pain killers” and are associated with feelings of elation or happiness.
Medical studies have also shown that endorphins awaken the immune system, alleviate pain, and help tissues heal faster.

  1. Heat relaxes the body---The heating elements of air tubs relax and refresh the body. The bubbles that air tubs produce are always warm that soothes the body.
  1. Kills germs and bacteria---Unlike other tubs, air tubs have a running pump that will prevent bacteria from building up once drained.

Air tubs also have a built-in “automatic purge cycle” that blows air through the lines once the tub drains which prevents the molds from building up.

  1. Relaxation at its best--Unlike other tubs, air tubs are very quiet which allows bathers to soak and relax intensely without any noise disturbance.


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