Give more beauty to your bathroom with slipper tubs

Aside from having your bathroom, it has always been the dream of many of us to have a beautiful and comfortable bathroom.

One of the best ways to add beauty to a bathroom is to buy a slipper tub.

A slipper tub is a free-standing bathtub whose one side is higher than the other resembling a heeled shoe thus its name slipper tub.

A slipper tub adds more beauty to your bathroom since its design and materials are refreshing to the eyes.

Slipper tubs are also one of the oldest types of bathtubs that became popular during Victorian times in public bathhouses and washrooms.

Aside from its beauty, slipper tubs are also selling like hotcakes today because they allow the bather more privacy.

Some people are buying slipper tubs as a form of a status system since the item is considered a bathroom luxury.

Many people love slipper tubs because soaking on them after a tough day is very relaxing since it's arched back and sides that can be used as arm rests.

Today, aside from slipper tubs you can also buy a variety of accessories such as head pillows or air jets.

Moreover, if you decide to buy a slipper tub make sure you have enough space in your house or bathroom to place it since it is hard to install it in tiny spaces.

Most of the slipper tubs range in length from 30 to 80 inches and are generally 19 to 67 inches wide so it needs more space.

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