how to turn your bathroom into a spa

Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while, but going to a resort for a relaxing spa day can be expensive and even unrealistic for some. If you are looking for an alternative to help save you money, consider creating a bathroom spa in your own home. There are many things you can do to create a bathroom oasis from remodeling your shower to incorporating a scent diffuser. To help you get started, we reached out to experts from Santa Monica, CA to Stratford, ON to get their best recommendations on how you can turn your bathroom into a spa. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

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1) Consider installing an air tub

If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa, consider installing an air tub with aromatherapy. An air tub provides relaxing bubbles and when you get a tub with an aromatherapy feature, you can infuse oils into the water to help rejuvenate your skin.- Bathtubs Plus

2) Incorporate crystals around your bathroom

When creating a renewing healing sanctuary, it is recommended to add blue or green crystals in your bathroom. Try using crystals like amazonite, chalcedony, celestite, emerald or even fluorite to have a calming ambiance as you bathe in your bathroom retreat. You can add raw forms of these types of crystals and set them around your tub, sink, near your candles, or as a finishing touch to your sink cabinets by adding crystal knob accents. - Ninna Lu 

3) Make your bathroom smell like a spa

Choose a great scent for your bathroom. Try to use a scent that you distinctly remember during a happy trip abroad or from your childhood. Smells and memories are in the same part of the brain. Hence, this bathroom scent will make you happily nostalgic - again and again. - Perfume Workshop

Candle scents help neutralize unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Lighting candles can add ambiance and infuse the room with an atmospheric and relaxing mood while it gives you a soothing feeling when you see the soft glow of flickering flames. - Stone Candles

4) Invest in high quality bath towels

Upgrading bath towels is an investment that yields high returns - premium quality towels will make your bathroom look and, more importantly, feel like a bathroom spa. If you are wondering what color towel you should choose, you are always safe picking a neutral color. This way the towels will always match regardless of changing themes. - PickPlush

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5) Utilize clever storage solutions

Create a bathroom that feels like a spa by utilizing up-leveled storage solutions that double as décor. Some easy ways to do this are: storing your washcloths rolled up in a basket, hiding your everyday products away in a golden canister on the sink to keep the countertop clear, or rebottling your soaps and scrubs into different containers for a cleaner look. Little tweaks like this are all easy ways to turn everyday essentials into up-leveled décor that gives the whole space a bathroom spa feel. - Never Skip Brunch

6) Create a calming bathroom spa by using a scent diffuser

For a touch of the 'Zen Escape' include aromatherapy and soft music into your bathroom. A small diffuser and oils such as eucalyptus or lavender are inexpensive and create an enchanting, healthful atmosphere. For music, you can use your cell phone or a small Bluetooth speaker to provide a room-filling, mind-freeing sound for only a few dollars - maybe just don't stream the heavy-metal. - Zen Massage USA

Create the perfect bathroom oasis by adding a light fragrance to a diffuser, such as eucalyptus and spearmint, that will linger throughout the day. Place a reed diffuser in the corner of your vanity to provide low maintenance and a long-lasting scent. Also, you can add more fragrance by burning an all-natural soy candle when you’re ready to unwind each day. - Happy Scents

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7) Try using spa quality skin care products

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel more spa-like is stocking the space with products that make you feel, look, and smell great. We recommend choosing natural skincare products that are unisex and are light on fragrance, so all of your house guests can feel welcome and indulge in your favorite skincare goodies. A plus: the aromatherapy from soaps, bath salts, and even hand washes will elevate your at-home retreat experience. - Soapwalla

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