Add class and comfort in your own bathroom with pedestal tubs

Having your own spacious, comfortable, and beautiful bathroom is a dream shared by countless homeowners all over the world.

One of the best ways to beautify and make your bathroom more relaxing and fun is to purchase your own pedestal tub.

Pedestal tubs are considered one of the most popular freestanding tubs available in the market today.

Pedestal tubs are freestanding tubs considered as an outgrown version of a clawfoot tub.

However, unlike a clawfoot which uses feet, pedestal tubs use a plinth or pedestal to raise the bathtub from the floor.

The unique design of a pedestal tub is considered by experts as a modern version of a traditional soaker tub.

What makes pedestal tubs special is the fact that it comes in various designs.

If you want comfort in your bathroom a pedestal tub is perfect since they are usually designed to stand away from the wall and do not require any surround or deck.

With proper interior design, you can place your pedestal tub into an alcove or can be displayed right in the middle of your bath.

If you want to put some class and comfort at the lowest cost in your bathroom, a pedestal tub is the perfect bathroom item to buy.

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