Best two person tubs

Is your current bathtub feeling a bit cramped for your growing household? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a more spacious solution that allows for relaxation and shared baths.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best two person bathtubs we offer to our valued customers, as well as the practical benefits of larger two-person bathtubs.

Discover the features and advantages that make these tubs a great choice for shared indulgence with you and your loved ones. 

What is a two person bathtub? 

A two-person bathtub, also known as a double bathtub, provides sufficient space for two individuals to relax comfortably while extending their bodies. These bathtubs come in two primary designs: one with side-by-side seating for additional floor space and another with a longer, narrower design that allows bathers to face each other. 

Depending on the model of the tub, 2-person tubs can have different installation and shapes; they can be be freestanding, drop-in tubs or undermounted. Some have round, oval shapes while others have corners

What is the size of a 2-person tub?

Two-person bathtub dimensions vary to accommodate different needs. On the smaller end, you can find tubs that are 61 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, and 23.6 inches high. This size remains consistent for tubs measuring 62.9 and 63 inches, with small increments in size.

For a medium-sized two-person bathtub, you'll typically encounter tubs that start at approximately 66.9 inches in length, 33.5 inches in width, and 22 inches in height.

The largest of the medium-sized options reaches 70 inches in length, with a width of 35.4 inches and a height of 22.5 inches. Lastly, there are 72.8 and 74.8-inch options, offering more generous dimensions with widths of 32.7 inches and 47 inches, respectively, and a height of 23.6 inches.

These various two-person bathtub dimensions allow you to choose the size that best fits your bathroom and relaxation needs.

Benefits of a 2-person bathtub: 

  • Time Efficiency for Couples: A two-person bathtub is the perfect solution for busy households. With a two-person tub, both you and your partner can bathe simultaneously, eliminating the need to wait for one another to finish. This shared experience not only saves time but also provides a soothing and intimate atmosphere, allowing you to cherish moments together after a long day of work.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Opting for a two-person tub elevates the visual appeal of your bathroom. These spacious tubs come in various designs and materials, offering a wide selection of styles and colors. This choice allows you to create a bathroom that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Romantic and Relaxing: A two-person bathtub adds a romantic touch to your home. It's the perfect setting for a shared relaxation experience. As a couple, you both have the space and freedom to unwind together. Fill the tub with fragrant bubbles, set the ambiance with scented candles, and activate the soothing massage jets for a truly luxurious spa-like experience. This romantic and rejuvenating getaway is made possible by a two-person tub, designed for your comfort and pleasure.
  • Improved Safety: Two-person tubs offer a safer bathing experience. Their larger size makes it easier to enter and exit comfortably, reducing the risk of slips and falls. The extra room also provides space for implementing safety features, such as platforms, handrails, and non-slip surfaces, making it an excellent choice for individuals with mobility issues or ADA requirements.
  • Efficient Water Control: The size of a two-person tub minimizes the chances of water overflowing onto your bathroom floor, especially when using it as a shower combo. With the larger tub, you can shower comfortably without worrying about water splashing everywhere. Additionally, the inclusion of faucet stands allows for more precise control over water flow.
  • High Resale Value: Investing in a two-person tub can significantly increase the resale value of your home. The popularity of these tubs, coupled with their durable construction, adds substantial value to your property. Furthermore, the addition of a shower option can further enhance the overall value of your bathroom. On average, homeowners can expect to recoup at least 60% of their investment, making it a smart addition to your home with minimal drawbacks.
  • Family-Friendly: The spacious design of a two-person tub makes it ideal for households with multiple children who may require assistance during bath time. Parents can comfortably bathe alongside their children, ensuring safety and creating a more enjoyable and bonding bathing experience due to the increased space.
  • Space for Additional Features: Two-person tubs provide extra space for adding amenities to enhance your bathing experience. Consider installing features like a caddy or wine tray for additional storage when you want to unwind. You can also incorporate features such as a whirlpool, air jets or additional heating controls, making bath time more enjoyable and personalized.

5 Best Tubs for Two Persons 

1) Corner Tub for Two Persons

Steam Planet 59" x 59" Two Person Corner Rounded Whirlpool Tub

Brand: Steam Planet | Buy HERE

Experience the ultimate in luxury in this spacious corner rounded whirlpool bathtub built for two from Steam Planet. Crafted from high-quality acrylic and tempered glass materials, this tub embodies a modern style.

It features two headrests, a convenient handheld shower wand, molded contour seats for extra comfort, and an elegant decorative window. The removable front skirt adds practicality to its design. Factory-tested and impeccably polished, this whirlpool tub boasts ten powerful jets for a soothing and invigorating hydrotherapy experience. In a clean white finish, it is a stunning centerpiece for any modern bathroom.

2. Freestanding Tub for Two Persons 

Cambridge Plumbing Acrylic Double Ended Slipper Bathtub 68" X 28" 

Brand: Cambridge Plumbing | Buy HERE

Elevate your bathroom to new heights of romance and relaxation with this exquisite double-ended clawfoot slipper tub for two from Cambridge Plumbing. As one of the most sought-after choices on the market, this tub promises to delight with its romantic allure and comforting design.

This tub not only enhances your bathroom's decor but also elevates its beauty. With a roomy dimension of 30" in height, 28" in width, and 69" in length, it offers ample space for two.

Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy acrylic with a fiberglass core construction, it's not only easy to clean but also built to last. Its dual-layered acrylic construction and chrome feet add to its charm. While some assembly is required, the result is a luxurious bathtub that will transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

3. Oval Tub for Two Persons

Venzi Velia 34 x 71 x 21 Oval Freestanding Air & Whirlpool Water Jetted Bathtub

Oval Tub for Two Persons

Brand: Atlantis | Buy HERE

This freestanding Venzi bathtub not only offers a modern design that aligns with current home decor trends but is also ideal for sharing. It provides a luxurious experience with both air and hydro massage features, making it perfect for two people to enjoy simultaneously.

With 24 air bubble massage injectors, 8 adjustable water jets, and a built-in friction heater to maintain the water temperature for extended comfort, it's a definitely a relaxation oasis for couples. You can also indulge in aromatherapy with the included system.

This bathtub is straightforward to control with a pneumatic button, boasts a glossy white finish, and is made of durable one-piece acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. It's compatible with bath salts and aromatic oils and can be quickly installed.

Its dimensions are 71" in length, 34" in width, and 21" in height, with a 53-gallon capacity, making it a stylish and practical addition for a couple's bathroom retreat.

4.  Round Tub for Two Persons

Venzi PietraStone 34 x 73 Man Made Stone Freestanding Bathtub with Center Drain By Atlantis 

Round tub for two persons

Brand: Atlantis | Buy HERE

Indulge in ultimate comfort with this ergonomic round bathtub from Atlantis. The matte finish adds a touch of elegance, and its versatile design accommodates both floor and wall-mounted filler spouts, making it adaptable to various bathroom styles.

With integrated chrome finish overflow and a push-operated drain, this bathtub is not only convenient but also boasts stylish features together with its smooth, solid surface construction from gel-coated artificial stone.

It's safe for using bathing salts and aromatic oils, enhancing your relaxation during a deep soak.

The bathtub's generous dimensions (73" L x 34" W x 25" H) and a capacity of 74 gallons make it perfect for couples to share a tranquil bathing experience, making it a delightful addition to your bathroom that's easy to install.

5. Walk-in tub for Two Persons

Ella Companion 32"x60" Air + Hydro Massage w/ Independent Foot Massage Acrylic Two Seat Walk-In-Bathtub 


Brand: Ella's Bubbles | Buy HERE

Ella's Companion by Ella's Bubbles offers an extraordinary bathing experience designed for two. Crafted with meticulous detail, this freestanding tub combines innovation and luxury.

The acrylic shell, supported by a robust stainless steel frame with multiple fiberglass mesh layers, features a unique U-shaped inward swing door made of brushed stainless steel with a frosted tempered glass window. Its door is sealed tightly with an extended lever lock to ensure a waterproof experience.

With two generously-sized heated seats, measuring 24.5" and 23" wide, and dimensions of 32" W x 60" L, the tub is ideal for shared relaxation.

It boasts Ella's Dual Drain Technology, featuring two gravity-driven drains and four outlets, allowing for rapid drainage. The Hydro Massage System, including strategically placed hydro jets, and the Air Jet Massage System, with adjustable air jets and LED Chromatherapy lights, offer a variety of soothing options. This tub's 360° swivel tray, textured slip-resistant floor, and stainless steel and tempered glass door with a replaceable seal make it a practical and inviting addition to any bathroom, catering to the needs of couples seeking a spa-like escape.

FAQs about Two Person Bathtubs

1) What to consider when buying two person tubs?

When shopping for a two-person tub, several key factors should guide your decision:

  • Assess the available space in your bathroom to ensure the tub fits comfortably.
  • Consider the interior shape of the bathtub, as it can impact your comfort and overall bathing experience.
  • Evaluate the tub's water capacity, as a deeper soak can enhance relaxation.
  • Check the material and size of the tub; materials like acrylic and size dimensions of 60" x 32" are the average choices for accommodating two individuals comfortably.
  • Decide on the type of installation, whether freestanding or built-in, to match your bathroom's layout. Two-person tubs are typically larger than standard tubs to provide added comfort, making them perfect for shared relaxation.
  • Consider your specific relaxation needs and preferences. You might want to choose a whirlpool or air bathtub more than a plain soaking tub. If you want to add luxurious features, prepare to add extra budget. 

    2) Who can use a bathtub for two people? 

    Bathtubs for two people are versatile and cater to various needs. They are primarily designed for couples, offering an intimate and shared bathing experience.

    However, these spacious tubs are not limited to just couples. They are also perfect for households with multiple children who may need assistance during bath time. In such cases, parents can comfortably bathe alongside their children, ensuring safety and creating a more enjoyable and bonding experience, thanks to the ample space provided by two-person tubs.

    They are also perfect for elderly people. In fact, some tubs like the walk-in tubs offer not just extra bathing space but also extra safety features which accommodates individuals with mobility issues or ADA requirements.

    This versatility makes this tub an excellent choice for anyone seeking a more relaxed and accommodating bathing solution. 

    3) Can I add features to a two person tub? 

    Yes, you can add extra features to a two person tub if you want to, such as:  

    • Heating Controls: Consider adding heating controls to your bathtub for ultimate comfort.  Some models allow the user to set up the controls through phone applications or your thermostat, ensuring your tub reaches the perfect temperature before you even step in. Voice-activated options are also available for added convenience.
    • Jets and Hydrotherapy: Enhance your 2-person tub experience with the soothing power of jets and hydrotherapy. You can choose to install water or air jets directly into the tub allowing you to enjoy a relaxing massage after a long day. You may even add aromatherapy and hydrotherapy lights for that ultimate spa-like experience. 
    • Shower Conversion: Maximize your tub's functionality by converting it into a 2-person shower. This dual-purpose feature not only helps you save water but also reduces your water bill over time, making it a practical and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom.

    4) Is a two person tub easy to install?

    Two-person tubs, being sizable fixtures, typically demand a team of 2-3 individuals for installation. The advantage of a freestanding tub lies in its flexibility, as it can be positioned anywhere in your bathroom with ease.

    On the other hand, a drop-in bathtub requires prior planning for placement, including a built-in recess. With the help of a few hands, installing a two-person tub is relatively straightforward, provided you've accurately measured the available space and cleared it before starting the installation process. So, while it may require some effort and assistance, the installation of a two-person tub can be manageable with the right preparations and support.

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