What is a Slipper Tub? The Ultimate Slipper Tub Buying Guide

What is a slipper tub?

A slipper tub, also known as a single slipper tub, features a sloped end ideal for reclining and unwinding. These freestanding bathtubs boast one raised side, resembling the shape of a heeled shoe, hence their name. With their unique design, slipper bathtubs offer both beauty and relaxation, standing out from conventional bathtub styles.

History of a slipper tub

While contemporary bathroom designs often favor modern and minimalist styles, slipper tubs remain far from outdated. Originating in Victorian times, slipper tubs gained popularity in public bathhouses and washrooms. However, their enduring appeal persists to this day, fueled by their timeless charm.

Featuring classic exteriors and elegant clawfoot tub feet, slipper tubs exude sophistication, making them a sought-after addition to any bathroom. Many individuals view slipper tubs as a status symbol, considering them a luxurious bathroom accessory.

Types of Slipper Tub: Single Vs. Double Slipper Tub

Single Slipper Tub

Single slipper bathtubs feature a raised end, offering an elevated position for optimal back support while you stretch out. The level of elevation varies based on the tub's style and length. Additionally, single slipper tubs can accommodate wall-mount, deck-mount, and freestanding faucets.

Double Slipper Tub

A double slipper tub offers a variation of the classic slipper tub design, featuring two reclining ends for versatile relaxation. These bathtubs are typically longer and deeper, ensuring full-body comfort from head to spine. With an hourglass shape, the tub curves inward in the middle, providing armrests or additional support during use.

Slipper Tub Installations and Styles

Freestanding Slipper Tub

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A freestanding slipper tub can be positioned flexibly in your bathroom due to its independent design. Before installation, ensure your plumbing layout aligns with the tub's placement. These bathtubs are fully finished on all sides and don't require attachment to walls or floors, making them a sought-after option for those seeking versatility in slipper tubs. 

Slipper Clawfoot Tub

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Slipper clawfoot tubs offer various foot options, such as imperial and lion paw feet, to add a touch of vintage charm to your bathroom. These clawfoot tub variations are designed with raised ends for enhanced comfort during bathing. 

Pedestal Slipper Tub

Product Featured: Cambridge Plumbing Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Slipper Tub 68" X 28"

While many clawfoot pedestal tubs feature decorative feet, slipper pedestal tubs stand out by resting solely on a pedestal for a sleek, more modern look. Options include the rolled rim pedestal tub and the double-ended pedestal tub. 

Slipper Tub Materials

Slipper tubs come in different materials, like the elegant acrylic double slipper tubs, classic copper, and sturdy cast iron, as well as natural wood, resin, and stone. Early slipper tubs were mostly made of heavy enamel-covered steel porcelain or copper, which could be hard to move. Nowadays, slipper tubs are available in various materials, from heavy-duty cast iron to lightweight acrylic, making them easier to install.

Where to Buy a Slipper Tub?

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