Drop-in Bathtub

What is a Drop in Bathtub?

A drop-in bath tub is one of the most common bathtubs types that is installed in homes. Typically, they have an acrylic-based body that is set into mortar on a frame. The frame acts as a support structure, while it also hides the underside and the other functional parts of the bathtub.

Drop in bathtubs are the prefered bathtub for many builders due versatility, the many applications include: drop-in bathtub with shower, alcove drop-in bathtubs, island drop-in bathtubs and oval drop in bathtubs and more.

Drop-in soaking tubs can have any shape. While looking for drop in bathtubs for sale, choosing the deck size all comes down to your preference. Wide-decked drop in tubs can look great, but may not be feasible in a bathroom that doesn't have a wide-tiled area. The customer will have to bear additional expenses from carpentry or tile work with dropin bathtubs, although the end results could make the effort worth it. The best drop in bathtub come with integrated faucets, and other features such as spa jets, which is referred to as whirlpool bathtubs.

How to install a drop in bathtub

Installing drop in tubs takes a lot more work than just dropping it into the plumbing! Proper leveling is imperative and it must be secured well so it can comfortably support both the drain and the weight.

The frame acts supports most of the bathtub's weight on the edges, while also covering the working parts. The frame is to be leveled and affixed to wall studs. They can either be of island installation or alcove installation type. Island installations have four walls surrounding the tub while, alcove installation types have three walls around them. It is to be then set in fresh mortar, and set aside for three days, before attaching the plumbing fixtures.

Usually a bathtub deck is built with a cavity on the center, into which the  tub is dropped in. The tub will be placed on the bathroom floor rather than being suspended from a rim. These types of installations requires more work, as it is mounted on a separate frame onto a deck.

Most of the rough plumbing is usually done beforehand, so only the faucets, shower heads and drain pipes are to be connected to the tub. Once this is completed and the concrete has set, wood screws can be used to secure the tub onto the wall studs, to lock it in place.