Round Bathtubs

Round Bathtubs

While round bathtubs are yet to grow in terms of popularity when compared to their rectangular counterparts, they are nevertheless a charming décor element. They can set the tone to the bathroom so it offers a spa-like experience in a way, and especially so with a stand alone tubs that can take center stage in the master bathroom. These round-shaped bathtub models are not always made for small-sized bathrooms. However, there are various options offered in round bathtub size by many providers, which makes it easy to find something for any bathroom interiors.

Round bathtub ideas

Round soaking bathtubs are sometimes preferred over rectangular shaped bathtubs, as they can offer a more relaxing experience. The spa-like experience it offers can be enhanced by adding some curtains or drapes, or installing shelves nearby that can hold aromatherapy oils and such. For bathrooms with a contemporary styled décor theme, small round bathtubs with a clean design and soft lines is advised. Sometimes, round bathtubs can be used to create a mini-pool like look as well. Round hot tubs that are usually designed with a custom-made square structure which can also help achieve this kind of a look.

Interesting material choices for round bathtubs

A wooden round freestanding bathtub is a great pick to create a spa atmosphere at home. Teak wood and fiberglass resins are good choices for the material, and may require round-shaped bathtub liners. Even so, there may be issues of the wood warping, rotting or cracking, so it is best to have a water-proof sheath installed on the floors, and floor drains as well.

Stone bathtubs can create a look of bringing the outdoors indoors. These bathtubs may come with a natural rustic finish on the outer surface, with a smooth finished inside. It is important to maintain stone baths, as they are susceptible to stains, while can also suffer damage when they come in contact with some chemicals.

Stainless steel may not be one of the foremost choice that one finds when looking up round bathtubs for sale, but the popular industrial material is making its presence felt outside the kitchen to bathrooms these days. Some advantages of a stainless steel construction is low maintenance and easy damage control. Furthermore, they retain temperatures for a longer time, keeping the water warmer in the bath. Stainless steel round baths may be rendered a different colored coating on the outer surface to enhance its aesthetic appeal.