Best Skirted Tubs Online (2024 Buying Guide)

What are Skirted Bathtubs?

A skirted tub, popularly known as apron tub. is a bathtub style with one finished side featuring a skirt or apron. This skirt, which can be either flat or bowed, covers the entire length of the bathtub, making installation easier and providing a resting area.

For drop-in skirted tubs, the skirt also protects the tub from outside debris and ensures a smooth transition between the tub and the bathroom foundation. Skirted tubs are generally designed for two-person bathing, but larger sizes are also available.

Types of Skirted Bathtubs

Several types of bathtubs come with skirted options, adding an outer flair that simplifies installation and enhances comfort. Common types include:

1) Corner Skirted Tub

Product Featured: Steam Planet 59" x 59" Two Person Corner

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Corner Skirt Bathtub is designed to fit snugly into any corner, maximizing bathroom space while adding a touch of elegance. Its built-in skirt enhances the aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect choice for stylish and functional bathroom remodels. 

2) Drop-in Skirted Tub

Drop In Skirted Tub

Product Featured: Grayley 60 x 30 Inch Bathtub

Price: $812 | GET HERE

Compared to alcoves, skirted drop-in tubs offer more flexibility in placement and design. They can be installed similarly to alcove tubs or with only two supporting walls, providing easier decoration options. However, skirted drop-in bathtubs provide more flexibility than alcove bathtubs, requiring only two supporting walls. The finished skirt acts as a protective shell, preventing moisture damage and supporting the tub. This makes it easier to decorate your bathroom.

3) Freestanding Skirted Tub

Product Featured: Cambridge Plumbing Skirted Bathtub

Price: $4,365 | GET HERE

Freestanding skirted tubs/ Two-sided skirted tubs are often considered a better option despite being slightly more expensive. These tubs have two finished sides, providing a nearly seamless barrier between the bathtub and the bathroom, minimizing flooding. Freestanding skirted bathtubs also offer greater design and placement flexibility, allowing more customization for your bathroom.

4) Soaking Skirted Tub

Product Featured: Reliance Integral Skirted End Drain Soaking Bath

Price: $1,927 | GET HERE

A soaking skirted tub is designed for ultimate relaxation. Regardless of the installation, these tubs are extra deep for a luxurious soaking experience. While they come without extra features, their sleek skirted design and ample depth ensure a spa-like retreat in your bathroom.

5) Whirlpool Skirted Tub

Product Featured: Venzi Madre, 32 x 60 Front Skirted, Whirlpool Tub

Price: $2,118.95 | GET HERE

.Whirlpool skirted tub offers a sophisticated soak with powerful jets and blowers for an extra luxurious experience. This high-end tub features jets for hydrotherapy and added comfort, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom. While often more expensive, the indulgent features provide unmatched spa-like relaxation.

Drop-in Vs. Skirted Tubs

Skirted tubs are available in both drop-in and non-drop-in variants, providing easier installation options. While drop-in tubs without skirts (purely dropped-in tubs) are generally cheaper, skirted tubs offer more design freedom as they can be freestanding, with legs or a regular base.

Choosing and Installing Skirted Tubs

Skirted tubs offer several benefits over traditional alcove tubs:

  • Greater installation flexibility
  • Moisture protection through the flange
  • Enhanced mobility
  • More placement options

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