Rectangular Bathtubs

Rectangular Bathtubs

Rectangular bathtubs are a classic favorite among bath tubs, as they have been the most prevalent type of bathtubs used for many decades now. Typically rectangular tubs are dimensioned 1,700 mm x 700 mm, although there are various bathtubs available in both larger and smaller sizes in the market.

Rectangular tubs usually have depths in the 500-610 mm range, while there are models with deeper and shallower designs available as well. Consumers are moving towards buying deep rectangular bath tubs due the added comfort and enjoyment when soaking in these tubs, even though they are relatively more expensive and they can hold a larger volume of water, which means they have a higher rate of water consumption, and thereby have higher utility bills.

These bathtubs are built using acrylic or cast iron. While cast iron bathtubs have the classic appeal, they are more expensive than acrylic bathtubs. Acrylic bathtubs offer flexibility in choice of colors, little wastage and are relatively lighter, which is why they have grown more popular than cast iron rectangular bathtubs.

What kind of a rectangular bathtub should you choose for your bathroom?

Bathtubs are generally the centerpiece of bathrooms, and the style and shape of the bathtub that is chosen can make a big difference to its overall appearance. Usually, while choosing the shape of the bathtub, the shape and size of the bathroom are one of the foremost factors that are taken into consideration. Then again, it's equally important to consider what kind of a style yo wish to achieve overall.

For instance, rectangular bathtubs with sharp edges are a good pick for bathrooms with a contemporary and modern look. Similarly, rectangular bathtubs with rounded edges sit well with bathrooms that are looking for a transitional style. A simple, no-fuss rectangular bathtub is well-suited for a classic themed bathroom. Individuals that are looking for a more elaborate feel, a freestanding rectangular bathtub may be a good choice. These stand alone bathtubs can act as the centerpiece to the master bathroom.

Freestanding tubs or not, rectangular bathtubs today, come with a number of additional features such as hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and hydro-massage, to name a few. Some models such as a walk in bathtub article, is a preferred choice for individuals who are looking for a bathtub model that offers convenience. These bathtubs have a convenient chair-height and come with a grab bar and built-in seat,  that offer security and comfort. This is a good option for seniors.