Oval Bathtubs

How to Choose Oval Bathtubs

An oval soaking tub with a cast iron body is usually a good pick for homeowners that are looking to add a vintage touch to their bathrooms, but there are bathtubs available with other lighter constructions as well. Egg-shaped bathtubs are usually made to stand as the bathroom centerpiece, but they can also be installed close to the wall.

These are especially preferred in small bathrooms that have limited space on the floor. They can fit compactly in the bathroom without appearing too crowded or wasting the available floor space, when compared to some other bathtub designs. Due to this, they are preferred in homes where people do not want to gives up the luxurious soak in oval drop in bathtubs, while they are space-conscious as well.

Tips on buying oval bathtubs

When choosing oval tubs, it is crucial to consider the color scheme of the bathroom. For instance, a white oval tub is a versatile and safe pick as it sits well with any color. Those who are looking for darker shades, can try picking bathtubs in color schemes that match with the wall paint or other fixtures in the bathroom. Oval bathtubs sizes vary, and there are a number of options to fit the requirements any bathroom area. It is essential to take into account what size suits your bathroom, without making it appear too cluttered, or too small and cramped.

Some individuals prefer installing free-standing oval tubs that are placed at the center of the room, while a few others prefer having it by the corner of the room. Oval-shaped pedestal bath tubs, drop in oval bathtubs and oval whirlpool tubs are some examples of oval bathtub designs that individuals can choose from. It is also important to take the existing drain line into consideration, to see if it is compatible with the bathtub shape.

Cost is another consideration for most bathtub buyers. Individuals should look for quality bathtub manufacturers, as it can be an expensive installation for their home, and choosing a reliable manufacturer means that the bathtubs last a long time without requiring and replacement or repairs. Installations also come into picture while estimating the overall cost of the oval bathtub purchase. Installation expenses can take up quite some amount of the budget, but there are cases in which bathtub manufacturers may offer free installations or installations at a reduced cost.