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The Attractiveness of Corner Bathtubs

Did you ever think about the different varieties of bathtubs available while enjoying your evening soak in your bathtub after a hard day at office? Very few of us know the difference between types of bathtubs available in the market or the amazing fact that bathtubs have been prevalent since early 3300 BC. Did you know that most early bathtubs were made up of metal and coated with enamel to avoid rust and could be shifted to different parts of the house? These could be afforded only by the rich as they had servants to fill the tubs with water as piped water became a reality only in 19th century.

The corner bathtub today is available in various sizes and is made of a variety of materials like ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, acrylic, copper and even stone. We all know of Archimedes’ “eureka” moment in the bathtub. Since then artists, thinkers, politicians, writers and ordinary folk like you and me consider soaking in the small corner bathtubs as our private moment of luxury and peace. Let us together explore how bathtubs evolved from a simple mode of luxury bathing to a means of creativity where innovative and imaginative thoughts germinate.

How to select corner tub sizes

There are quite a few issues you must consider before setting a corner bath and shower corner in your bathroom as having both will take up significant space. Get a plumber’s opinion to check if the floor would be able to take the weight of a large or medium sized bathtub and how much the installation and maintenance are likely to cost you over the years. If the plumber gives a go ahead and other issues fit within your budget then go ahead and get a small corner bathtub fitted into your bathroom with combination of showerhead. The reason behind our suggestion is that you will get more space for fitting in cabinets and there will be decent area for walking around too.    

Selecting bathtubs for children

Does your home have both adults and children who would be using the tub, then ensure that soaker tub is not too deep but can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. In general corner bathtubs are available in a variety of modern and attractive designs can be fitted permanently to enhance the corner of your bathroom. If the children have their own private bathrooms then place a small corner bathtub which is on their waist level. This way you can have your privacy and children can enjoy their time.

How to have a corner spa tub

So you already have a corner bathtub and want to turn it into a spa tub with Jacuzzi and hot jets? Though plumbers can give you several choices in terms of size and shape of machinery and motors, remember that this luxury is going to be expensive in terms of maintenance and installation. A trained plumber can help turn your regular bathtub into a corner spa bath by fitting in jets and air bubble outlets but you are the one who will have to take care of using the cleaning port to keep the tub unclogged and clean.

Corner tubs are a great utility if you have a sizeable bathroom and would like to enjoy soaking to reduce tiredness and stress. But also be prepared to pay huge water bills and carry out backbreaking tub cleaning exercises on a regular basis.