Walk-In Bathtubs


The bath area in your home is never complete without the perfect bathtub. Whether you are building a new home or are remodeling an existing house, installing a walk-in bath tub can be a great way to make life more comfortable for a senior living in your home. When you need a bathtub for your home, your parent's home or for your assisted living center, you can rely on us to set you up with the perfect one that meets your requirements and also matches your décor.

We specialize in walk-in bathtubs that are highly useful and comfortable for senior citizens.

Why install walk-in bathtubs?

Aches and pains in the joints are not uncommon among seniors. Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective remedies to deal with painful conditions like arthritis. Stiffness in joints and pain makes it difficult for seniors to use the traditional bathtubs. Walk-in bathtubs are similar to the traditional bathtubs, except for the fact that they can be easily used by senior citizens.

Our walk-in bathtubs are made of the finest quality materials and are non-slippery. They are designed to enable people with joint stiffness and pain to easily enjoy the pleasures of bathing in a regular bathtub. The walk-in bath tub is an innovative product which allows you to walk in and out of the bath tub easily. That is not all. These bath tubs also have a special seating area so that you do t have t sit on the floor as you would in a normal bathtub.

Types of walk-in bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs come with a door that shuts and seals tightly to prevent water from flowing out. These tubs are made available in different shapes and sizes and are made of durable and strong materials like ceramic, acrylic, marble, or fiberglass.

  • Traditional bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are commonly available in two varieties - the basic bathtubs and hydrotherapy bathtubs. The basic walk-in bathtub is like any other bathtub, and allows you to enjoy a relaxing bath after a hard and tiring day.

  • Hydrotherapy bathtubs

The hydrotherapy bathtub is a slightly advanced bathtub, and is similar to a home spa or a massager tub. Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs come with fittings that aid in alleviating joint and muscle pains that are often experienced in old age. Hydrotherapy is the simple procedure of using water pressure to heal of ailments and alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and improve blood circulation and reduce muscle and joint stiffness among others.

Most hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs come equipped with air massage jets, which when combined with the power of water, give you a relaxed and soothing feeling.

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We offer a wide range of walk-in bathtubs that can be used by seniors and people with physical discomfort. Whether you need one for your home or many for your assisted living facility for seniors, you can rest assured that we will offer the finest and best quality walk-in bathtubs that meet your specific requirements.

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