Jacuzzi tub in focus!

To a number of people, the word Jacuzzi is the definition of an unforgettable hot tub experience.

A Jacuzzi tub experience offers a social, private, fun, and relaxing bath experience. Jacuzzi is an Italian company that started the modern hot tub industry. Known for its innovation, Jacuzzi has gone a long way since they first introduced the hot tub experience several decades back.

With the ultimate bathing experience, it offers to users, owning one Jacuzzi hot tub is a dream shared by countless souls on this planet.

To those who are asking, Jacuzzi is not a product but a brand. At the moment, Jacuzzi is recognized as the world’s largest selling brand of jetted whirlpool baths and hot tubs, commercial spas, sauna, steam, and shower cubicles.

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From medical relief to an unforgettable bathing experience 

Unknown to many the whirlpool, Swirlpool, and soaking bath experience provided by a Jacuzzi tub is not actually originally intended to provide a one-of-a-kind bathing pleasure but as a form of medical relief.

According to reports, in 1956 the toddler of Candido Jacuzzi, one of the Italian inventors of the Jacuzzi tub was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

To offer relief to his medical condition, his father designed a pump, the J-300, that could be submerged in a bathtub to provide hydrotherapy treatments.

Seeing the successful medical relief provided by the hydrotherapy treatments to his son, in  1968, Jacuzzi created the world's first integrated jet whirlpool bath, and by 1970, Jacuzzi invented larger indoor tubs to accommodate groups of people or whole families. At the moment, the Jacuzzi tub provided joy and a pleasant bathing experience to countless people around the world.

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What are the different types of Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is the acknowledged leader of the hot tub business in the world today. According to reports, Jacuzzi features an expanded luxury tub environment, with four types of therapeutic tubs.

Based on the data gathered from the internet, a Jacuzzi soaking tub is the most common type of tub, and this basic concept is Jacuzzi's foundation for hydrotherapy tubs.

Meanwhile, Jacuzzi Pure Air tubs offer the unique experience of a steady stream of bubbles that soothe the body.

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