bathtub tile surround

Choosing the right tile for your bathtub is a crucial decision that needs proper study.

In picking the perfect tile for your bathtub you always need to consider safety more than aesthetics of beauty.

To help you select the right tile for your bathtub here are some helpful tips you can follow.

  1. Hiding your access panel is better---In selecting the right tile for your bathtub it is best that you ask your plumber to hide the access panel. Hiding the access panel can be a tedious job but the benefit it offers is very important. In doing this kind of work it is also better to use a large tile instead of a small tile.
  1. Natural stone offers beauty and safety---Using a natural stone in your tub deck installation is a nice choice since it offers beauty and safety to your bathroom. It is good to note that a natural stone creates a cleaner look and offers a much safer bathroom without hard corners.
  1. The safety of your child always matters---If you have some children in your household always pick tiles that offer safety to your children. Avoid picking a large format polished stone or tile since it is too slick underfoot. Using a river rock on the floor is always a very clever solution to the problem of a slippery exit from a bath.
  1. A pool-approved tile is best for tub interior---If you wish to put some tile on your tub interior it is best that you use a pool-approved tile. This is very important since submerged tile installations require a 95 percent contact from the waterproofing backing to the backside of the tile. Finding a pool-approved tile can be challenging but the benefits it offers always outweigh your sweat.
  1. Smaller tiles work best in curves---If you wish to create arches and curved walls around tubs it is best that you use smaller tiles. Always bear in mind that using big tiles instead of small tiles in curves is very tricky.

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