Relax in Style: The Best of Atlantis Venzi Tubs
The Venzi Bathtubs brand by Atlantis Whirpools are high-quality, handcrafted bathtubs with over 15 years of production in the USA. Take a dip into luxury with Atlantis Whirlpools which offers a vast and continuously growing selection of tubs! From sleek freestanding tubs to cozy corner ones, Atlantis has got it all for all types of customers!

Different Models of Venzi Tubs:

1) Venzi Tovila 60x60 Corner Tub

The Venzi Tovila 60x60 Corner Tub series has 9 different versions you can choose from on our site-- from the classic Soaker to the modern jetted tub-- Whirlpool or Air.

Want the best of both worlds? We have the Venzi Tovila Whirlpool and Air Combo that gives you both the relaxing microbubbles and soft-tissue massage of an air tub and whirlpool’s powerful, targeted hydro-massage.

For the ultimate Venzi Tovila experience, try the Grand Tour model which is an all-in-one package tub with the following features: 2-in-1 air and whirlpool jets, chromatherapy lights, aromatherapy, inline friction heater, hot tub ozonator, upgraded controls and more. You may even have these tubs customized depending on your needs and preferences. Just contact us so we can be of the best assistance.

Not only that, this model has a corner installation-- meaning it can be placed in odd and unutilized corners of your bath. Everything you need in a tub, the Venzi Tovila Tub line has it all for you!

See our entire Venzi Tovila Bathtub Line here.

2) Venzi Villa Tub

The Venzi Villa series features a straightforward drop-in tub with a modern rectangular design. Best for minimalist bathrooms, Venzi Villa combines simplicity and elegance in its symmetrically beautiful tubs. 

Villa tubs are best-sellers for a reason: they have multiple size options, a space-efficient shape with easy installation, and various therapeutic features to match your relaxation needs.

This model boasts a total of 9 sizes to choose from: 30x60, 32x60, 32x66, 32x72, 36x60, 36x66, 36x72, 42x60, 42x72, to accommodate any bathroom space. Every size has Soaker, Air, Whirlpool, Air and Whirlpool (Dual Massage), and Deluxe (Grand Tour) options, each serving a different kind of therapeutic bath. 

  • Villa Soakers offer a plain soaking experience– no advanced features, just pure tranquil soak. (Plus points for its reversible drain that makes installation hassle-free). 
  • Villa Air or Whirlpool models are jetted drop-in tubs equipped with jets that provide either soft thermo-air massage or deep hydro pressure; enjoy both in one tub with the Villa Dual version.  
  • Villa Grand Tour gives the ultimate Venzi Villa Experience- complete with air-whirlpool combo jets, and luxury accessories like Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic touch pad control, cable-operated drain and overflow kit. 

Villa jetted tubs have left or right drain and pump placements to accommodate existing plumbing. They have pre-leveled, drop-in configuration for a more simplified installation. The tubs’ average-fill capacity of 50 gallons can surely give you the hydrotherapy treat you deserve, in a low-cost, space-efficient way!

See our entire Venzi line of Venzi Villa here.

3) Venzi Flora 48x60 / 40x60 Tub

The Venzi Flora series is designed for bathers who love sauna pools. Its round-cornered, 60-gallon capacity bathing well will give you a calming aqua experience that will gently soothe your mind and body. 

This series has two space-saving dimensions: 40x60 or 48x60 tubs– relatively more compact than freestanding tubs! You’ll further love Venzi Flora for its 4 hydrotherapy variations: Soaker, Air, Whirlpool or Air and Whirlpool (Dual Massage).

  • Flora soakers give a pure water soak, devoid of jets, blowers and whistles. 
  • For an added massaging experience, pick between Flora Air, Whirlpool or Dual which gives you either soft air massage, deep hydrotherapy pressure or a combination of the two.
  • For the ultimate Venzi Flora experience, get the Flora Grand Tour model with special luxury features like air and water combo jets, Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic touchpad control, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit.

Each Flora tub is designed with a center drain, and either left or right pump placement (if a jetted version). All are built with acrylic construction and fiberglass-backed reinforcement for life-long durability, so you get your money’s worth in the long run. 

Its drop-in installation allows a more flexible style flow that can be matched with the design of the sinks, vanities, floors and tub decks.  

See different versions of Venzi Flora here.

4) Venzi Aqui 48x78 / 48x72 Tub

Aqui series is a classic oval-shaped drop-in bathtub that can bring luxury and convenience to any bathroom. Its 70-inch wide opening and up to 70-gallon capacity allows its bather to enjoy an extra-deep water immersion that resembles a water spa or sauna– but cheaper!

An Aqui tub can have 48x72 or 48x78 dimensions with Soaker, Air, Whirlpool and Dual Variations.

  • Aqui soakers are pure soaking vessels that provide pure water relaxation without any jets, pumps or advanced features. 
  • Aqui air models have air jets while whirlpool models have water jets, each offering a unique sensation and hydrotherapy benefits.
  • Determine which hydrotherapy jet suits you or maybe combine both features in one with Aqui Dual (w/ air and water combo jets).
  • Like other Venzi Tub Series, Venzi Aqui has Grand Tour Model which is equipped with all the therapeutic features a bathtub can get: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit.

All of the Venzi Aqui tubs have center drains with left or right pump placement (if jetted tub) except for Aqui 48x72 Soaker model which has a reversible drain that allows a more flexible installation.  What makes this model more relaxing is its body-wrapping armrests and rounded interior sides where you can comfortably rest your entire body.

See our entire Venzi Aqui series here.

5) Venzi Bello 42x72 / 36x72 Tub

Venzi Bello bathtubs are similar to the usual drop-in rectangular tubs, except it has two round cockpits at both ends for maximum comfort and ergonomic support. 

The Venzi Bello series has 36x72 or 42x72 size options, each with a center drain, and left or right pump placements for jetted variations.

Both sizes have a Soaker (for unadulterated water bath), Air (for a smooth, aroma-scented soak), Whirlpool (for a deep but healing aqua massage) and Dual (for an air and water combo experience) counterparts. The Venzi Bello Grand Tour model is a deluxe bathtub equipped with all the therapeutic features a bathtub can offer: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit.

This simple yet elegant rectangular vessel can hold up to 60 gallons of water, giving you a hydrotherapy treat you deserve everyday. You may even add other bathtub essentials, as Venzi Tubs are certified safe from bathing salts and oils. Built with durable acrylic with fiberglass-backed reinforcement, you get a non-porous bathtub with easy cleaning and maintenance. 

See our entire Venzi Bello series here.

6) Venzi Elda 32x60 Tub

The Venzi Elda series’ most defining feature is its contemporary rectangular design with a round cockpit, molded arm and backrests. It's quite similar to the Venzi Bello model except its round cockpit is placed only at one end of the tub. 

This model has a 32x60 dimension and a drop-in installation that can fit tightly on a pre-made deck or platform. What people love about space-savvy drop-in tubs are their ledges that serve as a functional space for other stuff: your favorite book, scented candles and even a glass of wine, to make your bath an ultimate comfort zone. 

Similar to other Venzi models, Elda comes in 4 versions: Soaker, Air, Whirlpool and Dual. You may even take it to another level and choose Elda Grand Tour for the superior luxury soak complete with the following features: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit. 

Elda tubs with jets have left or right drain and pump placements to accommodate existing plumbing lines. Elda soakers are even more flexible for their reversible drain placement. With its dual-direction bathing, you can be more creative in your bathtub layout and enjoy a change of scenery. 

See our entire Venzi Elda series here.

7) Venzi Stella 60x60 Corner Tub

Turn your odd bathroom corners into a functional, relaxing oasis with the Venzi Stella series. This model is styled with a corner construction and an oval-shaped interior. While it efficiently sits on the corner, its round edges and spacious bathing well make enough room for a deep, warm bath.  

Its 60x60 dimension is a good bathtub size for maximizing small spaces. Despite its relatively compact structure, Venzi Stella offers 4 different hydrotherapy packages: a pure Stella Soaker, Stella Air with jets that blow soft streams of air, Stella Whirlpool with fully adjustable water jets for a deep, vibrant massage, and Stella Dual for maximum air and water hydrotherapy.

Want to unwind in total luxury? Get the Stella Grand Tour Model, a  deluxe tub with all the luxury bath accessories: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit.  

People love corner tubs because of their space-efficient layout with features that ensure safety and functionality. Unlike the conventional tub, Venzi Stella is dropped in a pre-constructed platform for stability, with wide ledges for extra support when entering and exiting the tub. It can also hold your other bath essentials and keep them dry, giving you more ways to enjoy every bath. 

Explore our full range of Venzi Stella tubs here.

8) Venzi Viola 42x60 / 42x72 / 43x84 Tub

The Venzi Viola line is a series of 42 x 60 bathtubs with rectangular and drop-in design. This beautiful 42x60 bathtub offers you the flexibility and ease of installation as it is available in left, right and center drain. Venzi Viola bathtubs are usually sized at 42x60, but they also come in 42x72 and 43x84 dimensions. 

It's also available in different hydrotherapy packages such as: soaking, air, whirlpool and air-whirlpool combo, to satisfy different relaxation needs.  For the ultimate Venzi Viola experience, get the Venzi Viola Grand Tour models which is complete with air-whirlpool combo jets, and luxury accessories like Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic touch pad control, cable-operated drain and overflow kit. 

Explore the different versions of Venzi Viola bathtubs here.

9) Venzi Luna 60x60 Corner Tub

The Venzi Luna Series is a 60x60 corner bathtub that can bring both visual appeal and extra comfort to your daily bath. With just a small floor space, it can add a piquant flavor to any unutilized bathroom corners. Luna tubs feature a luxurious corner-shaped frame and a traditional oval interior. Each tub is built with molded floor pattern for added security and sharpness to the tub’s overall design. 

The Luna collection has 9 unique variations to choose from, each differing in hydrotherapy feature, drain location and pump placement. All Venzi Tubs, including the Luna Series, come in 4 hydrotherapy versions: Soakers, Air, Whirlpool and Dual. 

  • Luna Soakers are for pure full-body soaking, without any advanced features.
  • Luna Air tubs offer smoother massage powered by their bubble massage injectors and air blowers. 
  • Luna Whirlpool provides a warm, pressured sensation due to its adjustable water jets and a built-in friction heater.
  • Combine the two features in one tub with Luna Dual tubs.
  • Upgrade your Venzi Luna experience to the next level with its Grand Tour model, a deluxe bathtub equipped with all the relaxing features: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit. All Luna tubs are pre-leveled to make installation easier for you!

See our entire Venzi Luna Tubs here.

10) Venzi Velia 34x71 Tub

The Venzi Velia freestanding series features a unique hourglass design, with inner walls that curve in the middle to serve as a comfortable armrest as you soak. This Venzi Tub is easily a bathroom centerpiece you can place anywhere in the bathroom, as long as the plumbing allows it. 

This stunning 34 x 71 tub has extra thick rims, a curved outer wall, and a smooth reclining interior that exudes a very classy vibe, perfect for fancy bubble nights. It's built with high-quality acrylic construction that is both durable and lightweight. 

Velia can come in either a Soaker, Air, Whirlpool and Dual Tub, each with a standard center drain. For jetted tubs, they have a left/right option for the pump and blowers placement to accommodate your existing plumbing lines. 

  • If you love to feel the gentle stream of pristine water, then non-jetted Velia Soakers are for you.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to have your very own in-house spa then choose the jetted versions–Air, Whirlpool or Dual.
  • The most deluxe Velia tub, the Velia Grand Tour, is jam-packed with all the therapeutic and luxurious features a  bathtub can offer: air-water combo jets, Chromatherapy, Ozonator, Electronic TouchPad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit.

Choose from our great selection of Venzi Velia Tubs here.

11) Venzi Padre 34x67 Tub

The Venzi Padre series is an elegant freestanding bathtub that combines the traditional freestanding bathtub design and intricate lines and shapes of a modern tub. With its flexible installation, you can enjoy a relaxing bath beside the window and even at your bathroom center. 

This 34x67 tub has 4 hydrotherapy versions: Soakers, Whirlpool, Air and Dual.

  • Choose Padre Soakers if you love soaking as it is– warm, pure, and tranquil without the extra electric-powered features.
  • Padre Air is for those who love gentle pressure, bubble baths and aromatherapy. 
  • Padre whirlpool is for those who need deep hydrotherapy to soothe stressed muscles and aching joints.
  • If you can’t decide between the two, enjoy both in the Padre Dual version.
  • Choose the Padre Grand Tour model. With its 24 air bubble massage injectors, 8 adjustable water jets, built-in friction heater, relaxing Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy feature, Ozonator that sanitizes the whirlpool system, electronic touchpad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit, you can turn each bathing session into an unforgettable experience.
Choose from our great selection of Venzi Padre Tubs here.

12) Venzi Sole 34x68 Oval Freestanding Tub

The Venzi Sole series features a deep oval interior and a sleek curved exterior that can effortlessly become a focal point of your bathroom. Sole models are finished on all sides, giving the bathers a more accessible entry and exit 

This 34x68 freestanding tub is built with a durable and lightweight acrylic construction. Its high gloss white finish can bring an air of sophistication to any bathroom, and can easily complement any interior. Its hard linear, cornerless walls don’t have hidden crannies that collect moisture and bacteria, so it’s easier to clean and maintain. 

Enjoy different modes of relaxation with its 4 hydrotherapy versions.

  • Get the Sole Soaker for the purest and most tranquil bath devoid of jets, blowers and whistles. 
  • Sole Air gives an effervescent, soft-pressured bath infused with aromatherapy. 
  • Sole Whirlpool is powered by adjustable water jets for a deep-targeted massage.
  • Experience the air-whirlpool goodness in one with the Sole Dual Version. 
  • Sole Grand Tour brings you the ultimate Venzi Sole experience with its luxury features you won’t get on a normal jetted tub: air and water jets, built-in heater, Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy, Ozonator, touchpad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit. To complete its elegant aura, pair it with a shiny wall-mounted or freestanding tub filler

See our entire range of Venzi Sole tubs here.

13) Venzi Pietrastone- Freestanding Stone Bathtubs

Without a doubt, the Venzi Pietra Stone series is a feast for the eyes given its wide selection of contemporary bathtubs of various sizes and beautiful irregular shapes. The Pietrastone series consists of man-made stone freestanding tubs that have either a gel coating or solid acrylic surface for added class and durability.

This bathtub series is popular mostly for its visual appeal. With quirky shapes that vary in size, thickness and style, you’ll have a lot of options for your bathroom design. One striking feature of this model is the extra-deep interior making it the best option for pure soak lovers. In fact, Pietrastone comes only as soaking tubs and has no jetted or deluxe versions. 

While the tubs’ design largely serves people’s visual interest, it also provides comfort and ergonomic support as the tubs' smooth interior wall cradle the body's form. It also allows more placement options, hence more flexibility in decorating the bathroom.

See our entire range of Venzi Pietrastone bathtubs here.

14) Venzi Madre 30"x60" Front Skirted Tub

Venzi Madre flaunts a simple yet eye-catching linear design that makes a great fit for a minimalist-themed bathroom. It has a gorgeous rectangular shapeapron front installation and streamlined design that creates continuity with the wall, making it a practical option for people who want to maximize their petite bathroom. 

Madre tubs have 30x60 and 32x60 options, which are compact enough to fit tight bathrooms nooks and alcoves. While it has a smaller build compared to conventional tubs, Venzi Madre is big on features. Apart from its Soaker version, this series can also come with either Air or Water Jets. Built with a non-porous acrylic construction and a fiberglass backing, you get a durable and easy-to-maintain bathtub that’s safe for bathing salts and oils. Its acrylic material is a great insulator too so you get to enjoy a warm bath for a longer duration. 

Buy from our wide range of Venzi Madre tubs here.

15) Venzi Ambra 60 X 60 Corner Tub

The Venzi Ambra collection features a classic 60x60 corner tub with a spacious oval interior. Each Ambra bathtub is built with a molded seat for added comfort and safety

Corner tubs are not only great at turning odd bathroom corners into an aesthetic area of your bathroom; they are also full of relaxing features that can instantly make your space a bathing sanctuary. The Venzi Ambra series comes in 4 hydrotherapy packages: Soaker, Whirlpool, Air and Dual. 

  • Ambra Soakers have a large water capacity to give its bathers a pure, full water immersion.
  •  Ambra whirlpools offer a deep soak and a powerful massage experience
  •  Ambra Air tubs which are for people who love bubble baths and aromatic oils.
  • Torn between the two? There’s the Ambra Dual tub to provide you both the soothing sensations of air and water jets. 
  • Ambra Grand Tour model is equipped with multiple spa-like features like: air and water jets, built-in heater, Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy, Ozonator, touchpad, and cable-operated drain and overflow kit, so you can pamper yourself everyday, at your very own home!

See our entire Venzi Ambra tubs here.

16) Venzi Tullia Freestanding Bathtub with Jets

Venzi Tullia freestanding bathtub series design resembles the water droplet resonance phenomena. The sloped inner edge of the bathtub creates two comfortable inclining armrests.

This 38 x 71 x 20 tub is a made with one piece, acrylic construction with non-porous surface (for easy cleaning and sanitizing), and fiberglass backed reinforcement.

Like other Venzi tubs, it comes in Soaker, Air and Whirlpool versions-- each type offering a different type of relaxation. With Venzi Tullia, you get an aesthetically pleasing tub as you indulge in a luxurious soak where powerful jets massage away your stresses and tensions.

See our entire Venzi Tullia tubs here.

17) Venzi Irma 36 x 60 Bathtubs

Venzi Irma bathtubs feature a compact rectangular design with an oval opening. Molded arm and back rests provide exceptional comfort, while aiding in safety. Complete package in luxury whirlpool bathing. Everything you would ever desire in a whirlpool bathtub comes included.

This 36 x 60 Rectangular Tub comes in various models such as Soaker, Air, Whirlpool, Combo Jets and the Grand Tour Model. Its contemporary design and spacious dimensions make it a popular choice for those looking for a luxurious and relaxing bath

Explore our Venzi Irma tubs here.

18) Venzi Aesis Rectangular Tubs

Venzi Aesis collection features luxuriously designed corner bathtubs, with a traditional oval interior. Molded floor pattern prevents bathers from falling, while adding a piquant flavor to the bathtub's design.

This rectangular tub comes in three different dimensions: 36x72, 36x60, 42x72. It has effortless installation thanks to its lightweight design, coupled with interior armrests for added comfort. Experience the ultimate luxurious whirlpool bathing, as everything you could ever want in a whirlpool bathtub is included in this complete package. 

Explore our Venzi Aesis tubs here

19) Venzi Talia Rectangular Bathtubs

Venzi Talia series features a blend of oval and rectangular construction and molded armrests. Soft surround curves of the interior provide soothing comfort to your bathing experience. The narrow width of bathtubs' edge adds additional space.

This drop-in tub has a couple of sizes to choose from: 42x66, 42x72, 36x66, 42x66. Venzi Talia Tubs offer a modern and sophisticated look, paired with a range of luxurious features such as ample space and built-in jets for a therapeutic massage. Also available in variants such as Soaker, Air, Whirlpool, Combo Jets and Grand Tour Model, this version is a great choice for those seeking a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience.

Explore our Venzi Talia tubs here:

20) Venzi Vino Oval Bathtubs

Venzi Vino series features a classic oval-shaped bathtub design with stylish, ridged edges. The oval bathtub opening allows bathers to enjoy a comfortable bathing experience.

Unlike freestanding tubs, which can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, this tub is specifically designed to be set into a recessed area for a sleek and seamless look.

Meanwhile, its oval interior offers both stylish appearance and a spacious bathing experience-- making it a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a luxurious and functional bathtub solution.

Check out our Venzi Vino tubs here.

21) Venzi Esta 60 x 60 Corner Tub

Venzi Esta bathtub collection features a series of corner oval-opening bathtubs, easily fitting two adults. Molded-in seat is strategically placed across the tub filler to ensure luxury and comfort.

With its multiple versions such as Soaker, Air, Whirlpool, Combo Jets and Grand Tour Model, you can enjoy a relaxing soak in a tub that fits perfectly in the corner. 

Maximize your bathroom space while creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere with Venzi Esta Bathtubs.

Check out our Venzi Esta tubs here