Steam shower kits

Like many bath products, steam generators come in various types, sizes and technologies. You’ll hear buzzwords such as Deluxe, Smart, Superior, and more. But how exactly are they different and useful for different types of customers? 

Follow this brief but informative guide on steam generators by Steam Planet so you can make your best steam generator purchase.

What are some of the best Steam Shower Kits?

  1. Superior Smart Steam Generator Kit
  2. Superior Deluxe Steam Generator Kit
  3. Superior Encore Steam Generator Kit

1) Superior Smart Steam Generator Kit

wifi smart steam generator

Product highlight:  SMART WiFi Keypad

Most steam generators come in complete kits like the Superior SMART Kit which includes just EVERYTHING you need to be in control of your steam room at all times.

It’s called SMART for the obvious reason that it uses a more high-tech operation. This steam generator kit is equipped with SMART WiFi Keypad with a nice and large 5’’ Touch Screen. And since it’s wireless, it can be operated and controlled through your phone– even outside your house!

So if steam bath is a part of your regular routine, this can definitely upgrade your steaming experience. In fact, you can even customize the setup of your steam to exactly how you want it.

Play your favorite music, adjust the color of the lights to your mood and set up a comfortable time and temperature for your steam– all through your phone. So when you're ready to enjoy some SPA time, your steam room will be ready for you!

Superior Smart Steam Generator Models

Superior Smart Steam Generator (WiFi) 6KW

  1. Superior Smart Steam Generator (WiFi) 9KW
  2. Superior Smart Steam Generator (WiFi) 12KW
  3. Superior Smart Steam Generator (WiFi) 18KW
  4. Superior Smart Steam Generator (WiFi) 24KW

    2) Superior Deluxe Steam Generator Kit


    steam generator kits


    Product highlight: Self-draining valves and temperature sensors

    When you buy a Superior Deluxe Steam Generator kit, you get a variety of features, high durability and a contemporary-looking keypad!

    What makes this item stand out from the rest are the luxury features that it offers. How are they luxurious? The kit comes with self-draining valves that make it very easy to maintain. On top of that, it also has temperature sensors that help keep the temperature consistent throughout the time that you take a shower.

    Moreover, it also has a timer that keeps a check on your steam time as determined by you. This is a perfect feature that prohibits you from over-steaming in case you forget to keep a track of the time. 

    Furthermore, because of the durable material, it can be easily installed anywhere that you want. So you can install it inside or outside the shower without any problems.  If you have a large shower, this option is highly suitable to fill it up with steam. It is one of the most convenient and stellar items that are available on the market. 

    Superior Steam Shower Generator Kits

    1. Superior Steam Shower Generator 6kW DeLuxe - White Keypad
    2. Superior Steam Shower Generator 6kW DeLuxe System - Black Keypad
    3. Superior Steam Shower Generator 6kW Dual Keypad DeLuxe System - White Keypad
    4. Superior Steam Shower Generator 6kW Dual Keypad DeLuxe System - Black Keypad

    3) Superior Encore Steam Generator Kit


    steam shower kits


    Product highlight: Keypads with built-in thermostat

    Superior Encore Steam Generator Kit is the re-engineered series of Steam Planet that comes with multiple upgrades for easier installation. Its new keypads have built-in thermostats, so there is no need to make extra holes for the temperature probe. A major upgrade was made to a power cord for a faster and easier keypad connection. Superior Encore Steam Generator is equipped with auto-drain to produce always fresh and healthy steam and it is ETL Certified. Each variation comes in different KW: (6KW, 9KW, 12KW, 18KW, 24KW)

    Superior Encore Steam Generator Models

    1. 6 KW Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet 
    2. 9KW Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet
    3. 12 KW Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet 
    4. 18 KW Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet
    5. 24 KW Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet

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    4) Steam Generator Accessories

    drip pan steam generator


    Infuse your favorite scents/ oils and enjoy its therapeutic benefits with the help of this steam head with aromatherapy feature. These steam heads come in two finishes: Chrome or Satin Brass. 

    Product variations:

    Superior Steam Head with Aromatherapy - Chrome or Satin Brass

    Superior Steam Drain Head in Chrome - 1/2" Thread


    The Steam Planet stainless steel generator drip pan is designed for use with Steam Planets 6KW, 9KW, 12KW series steam generators. Installed and connected to an approved drain line, the drip pan catches and drains away any water leaks from generator fittings, prolonging the life of your steam generator. Constructed of stainless steel and an integral stainless drain fitting.

     Product variations:

    Steam Generator Drip Pan

    Bonus: How to Install Superior Steam Generator?

    Need a steam generator for your bathroom?

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