best steam generators for shower

Steam generators are essential appliances for households, hotels, and spas that require steam for various purposes, including relaxation, therapy, and cleaning. With advancements in technology, steam generators have become more efficient, safe, and user-friendly.

In this review article, we will explore some of the best steam generators available in the market today and compare their features, performance, and value for money.

What are the 8 Best Steam Generators for Shower of 2023?

  1. Superior Steam Generator by Steam Planet
  2. Steamist Steam Generator
  3. Mr. Steam Steam Generator
  4. SteamSpa Steam Generator
  5. Thermasol Steam Generator
  6. Kohler Steam Generator
  7. Cgoldenwall Steam Generator 
  8. EliteSteam Steam Generator

1) Superior Steam Bath Generator by Steam Planet

Superior Encore Steam Generator

Product featured: Superior Encore Steam Generator by Steam Planet - Self-Draining Steam Shower Kit

All About Steam Planet 

Steam Planet was founded in 2004 and since then has been producing top quality steam units. Superior Steam Generator lives up to its name by providing superior quality, design and spa-like experience for each user.

Their Steam Shower Kits are equipped with various features to elevate your steaming experience. They also offer the the biggest Steam Shower on the market!  

What is a Superior Steam Bath Generator?

Superior Steam Generator is an all-in-one steam generator package that can easily transform your shower into a private spa, providing therapeutic and relaxing benefits of steam. 

Most of their packages include a steam generator box, control panel, 16 ft. of wiring, steam outlet with an aromatherapy reservoir, and comes in different keypad/trim colors to choose from such as Black/Satin Brass, Black/Chrome, White/Chrome, and White/Satin Brass.

Steam Planet Superior Steam Generators are equipped with a number of other feature such as temperature sensor and self-draining capabilities, which make it very easy to use even to new users. It also has a very lightweight and compact design which allows many placement including narrow spaces. 

Their products are backed by a 5-year warranty, making it an excellent option for people who are concerned about future wear and tear.

What are their product options?

Compared to other brands that charge the same price for just the steam generator unit, this particular brand offers a complete steam shower kit at a more affordable price such as:

1. Superior Encorethis newest series of steam generators launched by the company has been reengineered with several upgrades for easier installation. The new keypads come with a built-in thermostat, eliminating the need for extra holes for temperature probes

The keypad connection cable has also been upgraded for faster and easier connection. Moreover, it’s equipped with an Auto-Drain feature that produces fresh and healthy steam everytime. 
2. WiFi Superior SMARTthis kit provides all the necessary equipment to control your steam room effectively. Its SMART WI-FI Keypad, equipped with a large 5" Touch Screen, can be operated from your phone, even when you're away from home.
You can use your phone to adjust the time and temperature of your steam room before enjoying your spa time. Additionally, you can play your preferred music and set the color of the lights according to your mood, allowing you to customize your steam experience to the fullest.
3. Steam DeLuxe- this item stands out from others due to its luxurious features, including self-draining valves that make it easy to maintain, temperature sensors that ensure consistent shower temperature and a timer that helps prevent oversteaming. The contemporary-looking keypad can be mounted inside or outside the steam shower for convenience. It’s an excellent option for filling large showers with steam.
4. Self Draining- this model is the most basic Superior steam generator. As the name suggests, it’s equipped with an auto-drain feature, comes with a control panel that can be installed inside or outside the shower room and has a temperature sensor and a 20-foot connecting wire for the control panel. It’s a straightforward model devoid of additional therapy features, and thus the cheapest among their steam generator models

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  • Costs way less than the big name brands. You get a complete steam shower kit for a relatively low price. 
  • Easier to install than other steam generator models, especially the Encore model with upgraded keypad connection cable.
  • Many smart features. You’ll love this if you’re a tech-savvy. 
  • Responsive customer service
  • Clear and easy-to-follow manual


  • A relatively newer steam generator brand in the market
  • Due to the multiple options this brand offers, this may not be the best option for buyers who want a straightforward steam shower setup.

Best Feature/s:

  • Auto-drain feature
  • Additional therapeutic features and accessories
  • Built-in thermostat

Customer Review:

“I used this system to replace a obsolete Mr. Steam system. This was a third of the cost and produces more steam and faster than the old 7.5kw system ever did.” 

*Click here for complete customer review. 

2) Steamist Steam Generators

Steamist Steam Generator

Featured Product: Steamist Premium 10 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator, TSG-10

All About Steamist 

With 65 years of experience in the industry, Steamist delivers cutting-edge steam bath solutions for both residential and commercial use. Their extensive range of steam bath generators, which includes products with industry-leading features, caters to homes, health clubs, and spas alike.

What is a Steamist Steam Generator?

The Steamist generators boast durability and low noise levels. Their products being USA-made implies transparency and high-grade materials, as local production typically entails more rigorous quality testing. 

A common Steamist generator feature is their stainless steel tank and compact design, which enables various installation possibilities. These generators can be conveniently placed in or around your shower area. If you want to conceal it, you can install it in a nearby closet or within a bathroom cabinet.

Their steam generator is also equipped with proportional control, meaning their unit can control the steam in proportion to user input which can both improve the machine's efficiency and enhance the overall user experience.

Steamist extends a two (2) year full warranty on all of their residential steam bath generators, controls and accessories. After two years, the residential steam generators have an extended limited lifetime warranty on parts anywhere from ten years to a lifetime.

What are their product options?

Steamist offers two options for their residential steam shower generators, namely Total Sense and SM Plus. Both of these generators come with a stainless steel tank and have a compact design

  • SM Plus- This generator has five different models: SM-5, SM-7, SM-10, SM-12, and SM-15. The SM-Range packages provide a simple solution for integrating a steam room into your bathroom. And with the 450 or 550 controls, you can operate any of Steamist's Spa Features.
  • Total Sense- TSG (Total Sense Generator) takes one step forward with its feature InstaMist that quickly heats the steam, eliminating the need to wait for it to warm up like with other generators. It takes only around 60 seconds for the steam shower to start heating up with this unit. 

Another notable feature of this model is the Steady Steam, which is designed to regulate the temperature of the in-shower steam to match the user's desired set point. This addresses a common issue found in lower-end models, where temperatures can fluctuate up to ten degrees.



  • Certified made in USA
  • Durable and long-lasting material 
  • Has a relatively quiet operation than other steam generators
  • One of the quickest in terms of heating up the unit. Their units take about 60 seconds only unlike other that take as much as 5 minutes to heat up. 


  • Does not include all the parts it needs, as other steam generators do such as those from Superior Steam Generators and SteamSpa
  • Controls are not compatible with features of other models (you need to avail the higher version of the control– Steamist 450 and 550– in order to enjoy such feature. 
  • Not the best warranty in the market. Comes with a 2-year warranty only plus a limited lifetime warranty on the parts. You can find better warranties on other steam generator brands. 

Best Feature/s:

  • SteadySteam™- a technology that maintains the steam shower environment at your preset level, without uncomfortable temperature spikes.
  • InstaMist™- produces steam within seconds, not minutes.

Customer Review

“A bit pricey, but enjoyable. Still learning to make the best use of it, the cost of repairing the old one was almost the cost of a new one.” 

*Click here for complete customer review. 


Mr. Steam Steam Generators

Product Featured: Mr.Steam eSeries MS400EC1 9kW Steam Generator with iTempo Round Control

All About Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam is a prominent name in the luxury steam bath market. The company was founded by Arthur Sussman, who initially developed steam irons for garment factories. 

Over time, the company has continued to innovate and has now grown to become the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers globally. 

Mr. Steam produces top-of-the-line steam showers and baths renowned for their luxury. Their range of products includes towel warmers, aromasteam and chromasteam features, as well as in-shower seating and speakers.

What is a Mr. Steam Steam Generator?

Mr. Steam Generators share several characteristics, including recyclable stainless steel construction, safety shutoff mechanism, precise temperature control, and minimal water usage. Although some models offer more customization options, the company also provides comprehensive package solutions.

Mr. Steam is known for their modern designed steam generators with user-friendly controls that have earned them numerous awards over the years. Their units cater to both residential and commercial settings and are produced and assembled in the USA, supported by robust warranties.

What are their product options?

Mr. Steam offers a Residential Steam Generator line called E-Series Generators:

Their E-series residential steam generators are compact, measuring the size of a briefcase, and utilize a single tank that requires only 2 gallons of water to produce a 20-minute steam shower. As a result of their efficient operation, they rank among the top performers in terms of energy efficiency. 

One of the key features of this series is the generators’ safety features such as precise temperature probe, integrated timer that enables automatic shutoff and LED self-diagnostic indicators (which help users troubleshoot any connection and maintenance challenges). 



  • Energy efficient- a single tank that uses only 2 gallons of water for a 20-minute steam shower.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material- their steam generators are constructed out of 100% recycled stainless steel. 
  • Mr. Steam is undeniably one of the most popular and established names in the industry  
  • Has one of the most reliable customer service among the brands in this list


  • Costly individual components-  their individual components are costly and reputed to be of inferior quality.  As a result, they often cede the top rank to competitors such as Steamist and Thermasol.
  • Strict compatibility requirements-  aside from the recurring customer review that their controls are challenging to navigate, their generators cannot be integrated with any shower components. If you’re looking for a complete package with everything in the shower itself controlled by one device, you won't find it with Mr. Steam.

Best Feature/s: 

  • Whisper quiet- the use of our water solenoid technology guarantees that the generator operates silently without any knocking or humming sounds.
  • Autosteam®- this features allows every Mr. Steam generator to deliver a continuous flow of steam for uninterrupted relaxation.

Customer Review

“Had a small issue with Mr. Steam but they took care of it promptly and now we are back to enjoying our steam bath.” 

*Click here for complete customer review. 

4) SteamSpa Steam Generators

 SteamSpa Steam Generator

Product Featured: Steam Shower Generator Kit System | Brushed Nickel Steam Shower Head + Self Drain Combo

All About SteamSpa

SteamSpa is known for its advanced technology, engineering, and product development when it comes to providing world-class steam generator packages which are easy to install and even easier to operate. SteamSpa has worked with the industry's top engineers to develop the most efficient, dependable and simply the best steam generators for steam showers and steam spas.

What is a Steam Spa Steam Generator?

What makes SteamSpa generators exceptional? It's equipped with sophisticated dual tank technology that produces a consistent flow of soothing steam while minimizing any distracting operational noises. The result is nothing but perfection: you get total relaxation while getting rid of unwanted body pains and toxins. It's simply the perfect option especially if you plan to build your very own steam bath at home.

What are their product options?

  • Quick Start- SteamSpa’s basic steam generator unit that’s made with stainless steel. Comes in different sizes: 4.5 KW, 6 KW, 7.5 KW, 9 KW, 10.5 KW, 12 KW. 
  • Oasis- steam shower kit that includes their QuickStart Unit, Single Control Panel and a Steam head
  • Royal-  an upgraded steam shower kit that includes their QuickStart Unit, Single Control Panel, Steam head plus Chromalight (Chromatherapy feature)
  • Indulgence-  their complete all-in-one steam shower kit that includes a QuickStart Unit, Single Steam Head, Single Control Panel, LED Light plus an Inline Purifier



    • Relatively affordable with prices ranging from $1k+ to $3k+ the most (*Note that this pricing is already a complete shower kit with accessories) 
    • Many therapeutic options and features
    • Straightforward, simple package bundling (Standard steam generator plus optional steam accessories)


    • Poor customer service (from Amazon reviews)
    • Some customers from Amazon also complained about receiving either incomplete or damaged items so it’s best to order from a trusted seller

    Best Feature/s: 

    • Quick Start- steam output in just one minute 
    • Continuous Steam Output- dual tank design creates non-stop steam output
    • Built-in AutoDrain- minimal decibel output so you can relax in peace. 

    Customer Review

    “Great product, works smooth and compact size. Steams like a commercial gym at your home bathroom.”

    **Click here for complete customer review. 

    5) Thermasol Steam Generators

    Thermasol Steam Generator

    Product Featured: Thermasol PRO-240 PRO Series Steam Generator

    About ThermaSol Steam Generators

    For more than 60 years, ThermaSol has held a prominent position in the steam bathing industry and is one of the first brands that come to mind when people purchase residential steam shower generators.

    What is ThermaSol Steam Generator?

    ThermaSol is renowned for its cutting-edge technology features, with its attractive and diverse range of control designs and finishes. Additionally, the company provides a lifetime warranty along with a limited in-home warranty. It's important to note that this exceptional warranty is only available for units purchased through authorized dealers or resellers.

    Thermasol's steam shower generators are equipped with a float system to manage incoming water, resulting in a quieter operation, although it provides less control. However, the additional features bundled in the control package require the installation of overhead units, limiting their application to specific room designs and upper-level floors.

    What are their product options?

    ThermaSol offers two levels of residential steam shower generators: 

    • AF Series Generators- the AF Series is a mid-level or the most basic residential steam shower generator from ThermaSol. It doesn't have all the advanced features of the ProSeries, including SmartSteam. However, it does have stainless steel construction, FastStart technology, and can be plumbed up to 50 feet from the shower without needing a larger kW unit. 
    • ProSeries Generator- while both models can be used with ThermaSol's add-on features, most reviewers prefer the ProSeries. The AF Series comes with the Auto PowerFlush™ system, which is an inner tank cleaning system that some consumers may not want due to its impact on water usage.

    This version is also equipped with SmartSteam feature. This technology allows for precise control of steam volume to maintain a desired temperature while conserving energy and providing a peaceful and comfortable experience. SmartSteam is exclusive to the ProSeries model.



    • Easy to build- ThermaSol offers pre-built packages that can be paired with any of their PRO series generators
    • Simplified and straightforward sizing calculations- maximum cubic footage for each generator is already included in the name. Plus, they don't take wall material into consideration.
    • Wider range of integrations and products- their digital valve enables complete integration with standard shower components, as well as rain heads and other features.


    • Thermasol is included in the more expensive range when it comes to pricing. The steam unit alone costs approx. $2k+ to almost $5k. A complete Thermasol shower kit can range from $3k+ to $9k+ (see sample pricing here). 
    • Noise and hot air but not much steam
    • Some Amazon reviews about their warranty is worrisome

    Best Feature/s:

    • SmartSteam- produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature while conserving energy
    • Float System- manage incoming water, resulting in a quieter operation

    Customer Reviews: 

    “We have been a Thermasol customer for several years now. When our unit had issues, I contacted Thermasol and actually got to talk to a human immediately!”

    **Click here for complete customer review. 

    6) Kohler Steam Generators

     Kohler Steam Generator


    Product Featured: Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator, 9 kW

    All About Kohler 

    Established by John Michael Kohler in 1873, Kohler Co. is an American manufacturing firm headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin. The company is renowned for its plumbing products, in addition to producing engines, generators, tile, cabinetry, and furniture.

    What is a Kohler Steam Generator?

    Kohler is recognized for its seamless integration of form and function, as reflected in their steam shower collection. The Invigoration Series, for instance, showcases streamlined controls and a generator that can produce steam within a minute. 

    Additionally, Kohler Steam Shower generators are priced moderately, with the 5 kW generator starting at just over $2,000, while the 15 kW generator costs slightly more than $3,500.

    To fully equip the Kohler steam shower, you'll need to purchase the steam generator control kit and the optional DTV+ steam adapter kit, which cost over $700 each. 

    Kohler is a mid-range option that may not be as affordable as some alternatives but not as expensive as high-end options, and it comes with a 3-year warranty for the steam shower generator and a 5-year warranty for the controls.

    What are their product options?

    Kohler Invigoration® Generators

    Kohler provides the Invigoration Generator series, available in sizes ranging from 5 kW to 30 kW. feature Fast-Response® technology that produces steam within 60 seconds. The generators also include Power Clean™ technology for easy and safe maintenance with one-touch automatic cleaning. 

    Kohler DTV+ Steam Adapter Kits

    This series comes with Kohler’s standard steam unit plus other steam accessories such as single or double steam head kits, featuring a circular design for even steam dispersion throughout the shower. 

    These kits offer several important features, such as a remote temperature sensor, an aromatherapy reservoir located on the steam head, and an adjustable timer with a safety shutoff after 20 minutes.



    • Come from an established and reliable brand
    • Easy-to-clean- this device is designed for easy cleaning with a simple button push that flushes out any sediment or clogs from the steam head, eliminating the need for manual cleaning
    • Water-efficient- their steam generators use only about one gallon of water for a 20-minute session, which is significantly less than traditional showers.
    • Steams very quickly


    • Mid-range option that may not be as affordable as some alternatives
    • Limited customization options and unique features which are offered by other steam brands
    • Come with only a 3-year warranty, which could be considered a significant disadvantage compared to competitors, particularly given their price range.

    Best Feature/s:

    • Good quality of stainless steel construction which offers corrosion resistance.
    • Power Clean™ technology- allows easy cleaning and flushing out any sediment through the steam head in just a push of button.
    • Fast-Response® technology- produces a luxurious steam shower in just 60 seconds.

    Customer Reviews:

    “Easy to install and easy to use. Be sure to do a power clean right after install. Plenty of output for a bathroom shower.”

    *Click here for complete customer review

     7) Cgoldenwall Steam Generator

    Cgoldenwall Steam Generator

    Product Featured: CGOLDENWALL 9KW Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower System Bath

    All About Cgoldenwall 

    Cgoldenwall established in 2013, dedicated to providing customers with the best quality laboratory and industrial products.

    Their steam shower generator is highly regarded for its reliability, long lifespan, and exceptional performance, and has been used in a variety of fields in over 15 countries. 

    The past several years has witnessed their rapid development both in products improvement as well as customer service.

    What is a Cgoldenwall Steam Generator?

    Cgoldenwall steam generators are designed to provide a perfect steam sauna experience with consistent and smooth steam flow, as well as minimizing operational noises through dual tank technology. 

    Their steam generator feature a waterproof digital display controller with a temperature range of 95-131℉, which can be installed inside or outside the steam room. The steam generator is made with high-quality stainless steel tanks and components, including the digital control, steam head, auto drain valve, and cable, ensuring years of problem-free operation. 

    It's easy to install in small spaces and warms up quickly in 3-5 minutes, with an automatic drainage function that eliminates the need for manual draining.

    See their full line of steam generators here



    • Cheapest among the steam generator brands in this list
    • One of the easiest to install in this list due to their very lightweight steam generators


    • Fairly new in the market; not as established as other brands
    • Not the best warranty- comes with a one-year warranty only.
    • Takes 3-5 minutes to warm up; longer than other brands

    Best Feature/s

    • Automatic shutdown
    • Automatic temperature control

    Customer Reviews

    “Overall good product, but difficult to get started properly”

    *Click here for complete customer review

    8) EliteSteam Steam Generators

    EliteSteam Steam Generators



    Product Featured: EliteSteam 7.5 kW Steam Shower Generator Kit

    All About EliteSteam 

    EliteSteam is a new product line of steam showers made by Steamist, which is marketed as a more affordable option for residential customers. It is sold as a complete kit with a generator, inside control, and steam head. Despite being a new product line, EliteSteam is essentially still part of Steamist.

    What is an EliteSteam Steam Generator?

    EliteSteam's generators are made with durable stainless steel construction that can withstand steady use for years. They can produce steam quickly and consistently.

    The EliteSteam product comes in a kit that is easy to install. Despite its size, it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your shower room as it can be installed just outside with the included 16-foot cable. 

    The steam generated is dense and can fill up to 320 cubic feet when set to maximum capacity. The built-in controls are easy to use and operate, even without technical expertise, allowing you to control the temperature and timer. Additionally, the built-in aromatherapy reservoir allows you to add essential oils, enhancing your steam shower experience

    What are their product options?

    EliteSteam has made the buying process much easier by simplifying the range of controls and options that can be overwhelming with other manufacturers: 

  • By finish-  They offer packages that include the generator and compatible controls in just three popular finish options: polished chrome, polished nickel, and brushed nickel.
  • By size- These packages come in different sizes (7kW, 10kW, 12kW, and 15kW) that can fit most residential shower sizes. 



    • Straightforward and easy-to-use control
    • Easy-to-install and direct to the point instruction
    • Easy purchasing process- ideal for homeowners who lack expertise in electrical and plumbing but are looking for a simple and dependable steam shower.
    • Good customer service - initial customer reviews on Amazon about their service are largely positive
    • Option to buy an outside control


    • No reviews on durability yet- there is no need to raise concerns nonetheless as their products are supported by a strong warranty.

    Customer Review

    “I've had this machine installed for 1 year now. Wanted to wait a bit to write the review. So far, this machine performs excellently. The steam comes out very hot and powerfully.”

    *Click here for complete customer review. 

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