Towel Warmers

What To Look Out For When Purchasing Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are not just a functional accessory in the bathroom today, they are utilized in areas like the basement, kitchen and bedroom to reduce mildew, humidity and moisture. Towel warmers have become an integral item in areas where people handle water in one way or the other within the home. The traditional towel warmer has evolved in the last couple of decades with fashion cues forming a part of the basic design.

Here are few pointers to consider before you purchase this accessory:

- You may want to have a timer fitted to conserve energy in your home. You can also benefit from personalized usage settings with a timer. This allows you to switch on the warmer prior to bathing so that it can be warm by the time you are through with your bath.

- There are different types of warmers available in the market:  The Hydronic type runs the hot water through the warmer. It is made possible through a closed Hydronic heating system or the hot water heater in the home. Conversely, electric warmers consume minimal energy and use a dry element that heats mineral oil inside the warmer. It can be plugged in or hard wired.

- Every bathroom design can be complemented by a warmer in the market with various styles available ranging from modern to antique. Each category offers a number of styles to suit your bathroom. There are also no limit to the customized designs available at a higher cost.