ella walk-in tub reviews

1) What Are Ella Walk-in Tubs?


Ella Walk-in Tubs are walk-in tubs from the brand Ella’s Bubbles. Ella’s Bubbles is one of the leading companies in the design and development of acrylic walk-in tubs with doors and seats. Their products are made in Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States. The brand supplies exclusively in the North American market since 2005.

Like most walk-in tubs, Ella Walk-in tubs are equipped with a low threshold, ADA-compliant seat, and airtight doors for extra security and comfort of the user. The brand’s top-notch safety, accessibility and therapeutic features make it a reliable walk-in tub brand among the elderly, people with mobility problems and even athletes recovering from injuries. 

2) Ella Walk-in Tub Dimensions

ella's bubbles walk-in tub dimensions
ella's bubbles walk-in tub information

Image Source: Ella’s Bubbles

You can enjoy Ella Walk-In tubs in multiple dimensions– with varying drain/door location, fill capacity, threshold to match your particular needs. (Please see the above information for the specifics of each model). 

This is Ella’s flagship model which is also their most popular standard-sized walk-in bathtub. This model measures 30” wide and 52” long with a comfortable 22” wide seat, making it a great option for average-sized bathers.
This is Ella’s 28x52 space-saving model which is a little smaller than the Elite model. Its slightly narrower profile makes it easier to pass through 28″ narrow openings or doorways. Nonetheless, it offers a 19” wide seat to accommodate average body types.
This version is Ella’s Bubbles’ larger-sized model. It’s  2” wider than the Elite with a 24” wide seat to accommodate larger body types or bathers who need a more spacious bathtub interior.
Also one of the brand’s pioneer models. Deluxe Walk-In Bathtub is 30” wide and 55" long, giving its users extra leg room and is perfect for taller bathers. Like other Ella models, it’s designed with a beautifully crafted stainless-steel door with a tempered glass. 
This is a fully loaded tub with its exclusive independently operated foot massage. This walk-in tub is well-sized at 30” wide and 60” inches long, giving the users extra leg room, extra hip room and a longer seat for better hamstring support. 

    3) Ella Walk-in Tub Jetting Options

    Enjoy a spa-like experience everytime you soak in an Ella’s Bubbles Walk-in Tub with its various jetting options like:

    ella's bubbles soaking walk-in tub

    Pure, Unadulterated Soaking Ella Walk-in Tub (Without Jets)

    ella walk-in tub with hydro and air massages

    Ella Walk-in Tub with Therapeutic Hydro and Air Massages

    Ella walk-in tub infusion microbubble therapy

    Ella Walk-in Tub with rejuvenating and softening Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy

    ella's ultimate walk-in tub with foot massage

    Luxurious Ultimate Ella Walk-In Bath with Powerful Foot Massage Jets

    (independently operated, strategically positioned jets to soothe tired soles and calves)

    4) Ella Walk-in Tub Faucet Options

    ella walk-in tub faucet options

    Ella Walk-in Tubs have different Faucet Options to customize your bathing experience including their standard anti-scald Thermostatic Control Valve for the safety-conscious customers, or the classic and contemporary styled fast-fill faucets for a more hassle-free and convenient soak.

    ella's bubbles 360 swivel tray

    Aside from faucets, Elite, Royal, Petite, and Ultimate models are equipped with a patented 360° swivel tray to keep your belongings dry and out of the bath as you indulge in your Ella Walk-in Tub. Now, you can freely enjoy a tranquil bath with your favorite book and a glass of wine. 

    5) Ella Walk-in Tub Hydrotherapy and Luxury Features

    ella walk-in tub hydrotherapy and luxury features

    Ella Walk-in Tub packages offer spa-like features such us:

    • Aromatherapy to help stimulate your senses using essential oils
    • LED Chromatherapy to aid in mood enhancement through colorful alternating hues
    • Radiant heated seat and backrest to keep you comfortably warm as the tub fills or empties
    • Ozone sterilization for easy maintenance with chemical-free, earth and bio-friendly technology. 

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    As the elderly and disabled population continually increases, the demand for high-security Ella’s Bubbles bathroom products has significantly grown.  When COVID-19 has spread rampantly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, retirees and older people with naturally weaker immune systems started looking for alternatives to stay at home. 

    To accommodate this growing demand,  Ella’s Bubbles is continuously striving to develop fast and effective walk-in bathtub solutions to bring their customers independence, pleasure and peace of mind every bathing time. 

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