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Luxury bathtubs are luxurious for a reason; they have sophisticated bathtub accessories and features that can satisfy your senses, your body, your mental and spiritual wellness – you name it. While it’s tempting to buy just any luxury bathtub you feel like purchasing, it’s not really a smart move. You don’t want to end up going to a plumbing store, only to be faced with overwhelming luxury tub options with alien features you’ve never heard of.

What are the tub’s luxury features? How do they work? How exactly can they upgrade my usual bathtub experience? These are the questions a wise shopper seeks to answer first. After all, you want to get a luxury bathtub with the best bath accessories–with no guilt and regrets!

Check out these 7 Must-Have Luxury Bathtub Accessories you can add to your tub this 2023:

1) Air and Water Jets

Core benefit: Dual massage experience

One of the common features of a deluxe tub is having air or water jets– or both! These sophisticated jets offer a unique sensation and massaging experience, making jetted tubs highly luxurious and relaxing. [Learn more about the key differences and benefits of the two: Air Tub vs. Jacuzzi Tub: What’s the Difference?]

In the simplest sense, air jets are powered by blowers that create millions of tiny invigorating bubbles, providing an effervescent bath with a soft-pressured massaging experience. Meanwhile, water jets, also known as whirlpool tub jets, are powerful jets powered by a high-pressure hydro pump. This type of jet shoots water that creates a deeper and more targeted sensation. Water jets are often seen in jacuzzi whirlpool tubs.

More recent and advanced bathtub models are already equipped with air and water combo jets that vary in number and location. In our bathtub store, we have Venzi Grand Tour models that feature as many as 32 air bubble massage injectors, and 8 directional and adjustable water jets. The result is simply amazing: an unequivocal therapeutic soak that will bring you spa-like luxury everyday.

2) Inline heater

Core Benefit: Soothing heat for a longer hydrotherapy treat

A true relaxing bath is not complete without cozy warm water, especially for those who love taking long hot baths. The problem with some tubs is that they begin to lose heat as soon as they are filled with water. Thanks to inline heaters, you don’t have to worry about sitting in lukewarm water ever again!

An inline heater eliminates the need to constantly drain cold water and refill the tub with hotter water. With this bathtub heater, there’s no need to buy a larger water heater to supply enough hot water to bigger bathtubs. It can keep your bathwater warm for hours, without having to turn on the hot faucet. Just turn on the device, forget and enjoy the rest of your soak!

For those who like a long leisurely soak, a high-end tub with an inline heater is the way to go. It’s not merely a luxury bath accessory. It’s an efficient addition to your bath that can save you on both water and electricity costs. Ultimately, you gain lifelong health benefits through the heat’s hydrothermal therapy.  [Read: Hot vs. Cold: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Bathing]

3) Aromatherapy

Core Benefit: Aromatic bath that heals and rejuvenates

A pure water soak is sometimes not enough. Aroma-scented bath is the new norm, and it’s a trend for a reason! An aromatic bath does not only bring heavenly scents to your bath; it also offers holistic benefits that are good for both your physical and mental wellness.

So how does a bathtub with an aromatherapy spa feature actually work? This bathtub feature allows you to drop your favorite aromatic oils onto the pad inside a hidden canister on the tub’s rim. When the tub is turned on and the motor is activated, the warm air produced passes through the canister, and the scent is carried through the bubbles on the water’s surface. Once the bubbles pop, the scent is then released into the air.

A regular soak in this tub is both healing to the mind and rejuvenating to the skin. You may even add bath bombs and salts to make your spa bath extra luxurious. The aromatherapy feature best works with air tubs because they don’t have water pumps that can get clogged. Nonetheless, newer dual versions (tubs with air and water jets) are already built with materials that are safe for bathing salts and oils.

4) Chromatherapy

Core Benefit: Healing color lights that set the mood

Color-changing LED lights are no longer just for your room’s interior. They are now waterproof and can be submerged in water for a more therapeutic bathtub soak. Bathtub manufacturers today have been adding lighting options for baths and showers, and people love them for their healing effects.

This practice is known as Chromatherapy or color therapy. More than the visual experience it brings to the bathroom, it’s believed to positively influence physical and mental health. Colors impact our thoughts and feelings. The warm and cool colors used in these chromatherapy tubs can evoke a feeling of calmness and relaxation. That’s why combining this approach with your usual bathtub soak has been proven to help set the mood and bring greater soothing effects.

Bathtubs with the chromatherapy feature are built with color-changing lights with different shades of hues (warm and cool) and modes to suit your preferred relaxation. You may set the lights to display either a full range of colors or just a specific hue. More and more tubs – even the senior-friendly walk-in tubs- are now equipped with chromatherapy features for an elevated hydrotherapy experience that’s safe and suitable for all ages.

5) Bathtub Ozonator

Core Benefit: Keeps your bathwater sanitized and hygienic

Ozone machine, Ozonator for spa, hot tub Ozonator– these are some of the terms you’ll hear when we talk about Ozonators. But what really is an Ozonator and what does it do for our bathtubs? This luxury apparatus injects ozone (O3) gas into your spa water, which basically removes impurities from the water. Ozone attaches itself to the bacteria and kills contaminants in your hot tub, including bath essentials (like shampoo, soap, lotions) and even bodily fluids.

Aside from microorganisms and particles, an Ozonator can also clump together dissolved solids in the water making it easier for your tub’s filter cartridge to remove them. You still have to use some sanitizers like chlorine to keep your bathtub extra clean, but with an Ozonator, you will need a smaller amount than you would normally need. In the long run, it can save you money on chemicals while keeping your bathwater contaminant-free.

6) Electronic Touchpad

Core Benefit: Digital controls that are very convenient to use

It’s important for bathtubs to be accessible, especially if the users are senior citizens. That’s why electronic touchpads are a good replacement for hard-to-turn controls, for they make controlling bathtubs more convenient and effortless– particularly for those with arthritic hands.

These digital touchpads are usually located in easy-to-reach areas of the bathtub. It has easy-to-understand icons that can be conveniently controlled by anyone.  By just pressing or holding the buttons, you can change the mode, increase or decrease the intensity and experience different levels of relaxation. Easily activate and shut off the tub also through the touchpad. Enjoy various therapeutic features like bubble massage, water jets and chromatherapy lights at the tip of your fingers!

7) Cable-operated drain and overflow

Core Benefit: Ensures your safety before, during and after bathing.

Bathtub overflow plays a significant role in the safety and maintenance of your bath. It prevents the tub from overflowing by draining the excess water. With this device, you can ensure that even while seated, the bathtub’s water depth is at a safe and comfortable level– deep enough to cover your bare shoulders yet safe enough to prevent the water from running onto the floor. Over time, it can also protect your floor from warping and deterioration as the water seeping into the floor can greatly damage the surface.

While there are many types of drain and overflow assembly, several manufacturers are now incorporating more cable-operated ones in bathtubs. A cable-operated drain and overflow kit features a concealed cable that runs along the pipes of the drain. It connects the knob at the overflow drain to the pop-up stopper, so the stopper opens and closes when you turn the knob.

The advantage of this assembly is that it prevents toe-stubbing and breakage of the stopper stem. The knob is also easy-to-turn and is placed in an easy-to-reach area, giving you a worry-free and convenient exit. This overflow and drain kit comes in an assortment of finishes to match your bathroom interior and color scheme. The installation and repairs are not complicated either so it will require you only minimal effort and budget.

Choose your Luxury

The bathtub market holds a wide array of luxurious tubs for your particular needs and preferences. Luxurious tubs don’t have to be inaccessible. There are budget-friendly and practical luxury add-ons that can still bring high levels of sophistication and comfort to your daily bathtub soak.

One of our brands Atlantis has a series of luxury tub collections– the Grand Tour models–  with various sizes, shapes, installations and materials to choose from. Compared to the giants of the industry (with typically pricier products), Atlantis offers more economical yet high-quality tubs to fit your budget.

Need a new bathtub for your brand new house or bathroom remodel? Spare your time and money by consulting our FREE Bathtub Buying Guide to know which tub is the right for your home!

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