Small Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

We all want our bath space to be a place of peace, leisure and happiness. Who doesn’t want a relaxing tub to soak all their stresses and worries away? But the reality is– not all bathrooms are built to have grandiose bathroom centerpieces. Some bathrooms have limited spaces that can be difficult to design and decorate.

Still, living in a smaller home or tiny apartment doesn’t mean you need to compromise on having a great bathtub. That’s why bathtubs for small spaces have gained growing popularity these days. Their compact size allows enough room for relaxation, yet extra room for other bathroom vanities. In many ways, they are more convenient, economical and charming than their big counterparts.

Here are 11 Small Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms:

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1) American Acrylic 48" x 48" Soaker Corner Bathtub
2) Venzi 30”x 60” Right Drain White Air Jetted Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Bathtub
3) Wyndham Collection Rebecca 60” Freestanding Bathtub in White
4) Steam Planet 59" x 59" Two Person, Corner Rounded Whirlpool
5) 58" X 30" Cast Iron Swedish Slipper Tub
6) Grayley 60” x 32” Alcove Bathtub in White
7) Venzi Madre 30” x 60” Front Skirted Tub with Right Drain
8) Hannah 59” Freestanding Bathtub in White
9) Mermaid 60 Inch Freestanding Bathtub in Black with White Interior
10) Ella's Bubbles 52”x 32” H3117-HB Royal Hydromassage Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub
11) 60”x 30” Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Bathtub

1) American Acrylic 48" x 48" Soaker Corner Bathtub

48" corner tub

[Brand: American Acrylic, Buy here for $1,129] 

This 48”x48” corner tub can turn any odd or underutilized bathroom corner into a soaking oasis. Considered as one of the smallest tubs on the market, corner tubs are known for their efficient, space-making design. Its overall structure provides nothing but exceptional luxury and convenience. If you plan to savor your bath with a good book or drink, it has ledges that function as a safe and dry place for your things. The tub’s gorgeous high gloss white finish is certified safe from your favorite bath bombs, essential oils and Epsom salts so you can freely enjoy a DIY spa bath in the comforts of your home. 

2) Venzi 30”x 60” Right Drain White Air Jetted Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Bathtub

small walk-in tub

 [Brand: Meditub, Buy here for $5,025]

A small bathtub that is big on comfort and accessibility; this revolutionary walk-in tub serves as a wonderful bathing companion for seniors and people with mobility issues. Its alcove installation leaves more space for other bathroom equipment and more room for mobility, especially for wheelchair users. It’s jam-packed with security features like its built-in safety bars, ADA compliant bathing seat, low threshold entry and wide-opening wheelchair accessible door.  The tub’s 18 air bubble massage injectors, chromatherapy lights and aromatherapy feature will give you a calming foam bath you won’t get anywhere else. This tub is not just a necessity but a safe, functional and therapeutic home amenity you can enjoy at your convenience.

3) Wyndham Collection Rebecca 60” Freestanding Bathtub in White

compact freestanding tub

 [Brand: Wyndham Collection, Buy here for $1,098]

This high-end freestanding tub can absolutely satisfy both your practical and aesthetic demands with its elegant interior and hassle-free installation. Its smooth and classy basin curves that counter the common linear tub design make it naturally a focal point even in petite bathrooms. Though at the larger end of the spectrum, its acrylic material is more lightweight than its traditional counterparts, saving money and effort on installation. Built with a more spacious structure than usual tiny tubs, it allows more room for stretching out and soaking. Surely, this small freestanding bathtub can free up space without compromising style and comfort. [Brand: Wyndham Collection, Price: $1,098]

4) Steam Planet 59" x 59" Two Person, Corner Rounded Whirlpool Tub

tubs less than 60 inches

[Brand: Steam Planet, Buy here for $3,750]

You don’t have to sacrifice features when choosing small tubs, because this Steam Planet Corner Whirlpool is just as amazing and soothing! Equipped with 10 whirlpool jets, this tub can provide an ultra-relaxing and therapeutic aqua massage that easily soothes tired muscles and other stressed regions of your body. It has two padded headrests for a shared soaking experience you can enjoy with a loved one. For added character, the tub features a stylish clear tempered glass front that further contributes to its modern luxurious vibes. With this small jacuzzi tub, you get to enjoy a spa-like atmosphere every day– without having to leave your house! 

5) Cambridge Plumbing 58" X 30" Cast Iron Swedish Slipper Tub

small clawfoot tub

 [Brand: Cambridge Plumbing, Buy here for $2,306]

Made with white porcelain interior and oil-rubbed bronze feet, this Swedish Slipper tub is a unique blend of the traditional and modern. Its pristine white finish makes it a good fit for minimalist bathrooms today, while its bronze claw feet accents the tub and brings vintage appeal to it. With cast iron as its core material, this tub is easy to clean, great at retaining heat and undoubtedly durable and heavy-duty that can stand the test of time. It can also hold up to 18 inches of water, providing a deep, luxury soak to its bathers. Swedish Slipper Tubs have no faucet drillings on the rim, so it’s best to pair it with either freestanding or wall-mount faucets. If you’re eyeing a small clawfoot tub that makes a big statement, this is the item to buy.

6) Wyndham Collection Grayley 60” x 32” Alcove Bathtub in White

small alcove tub

[Brand: Wyndham Collection, Buy here for $812]

This small alcove tub from Wyndham Collection ticks all the boxes of a practical customer– it’s space-efficient, budget-friendly and low-maintenance. Thanks to its alcove installation, Grayley can be tightly placed in recessed nooks which is a great way to maximize your bathroom. This tub is perfect for those who want the flexibility of both a shower and bath in a limited space. Compared to pedestals or drop-ins, it’s more economical to install as long as there is a three-walled space for it to settle. Built with reinforced acrylic, you can assure that this tub has a strong and sanitary material that’s neat-looking, crack-resistant and overall easy to maintain. Grayley is available in left or right-hand drain placement, giving you more versatility in designing your bath. For a very cheap price, this tub has a lot of quality features to offer. 

7) Venzi Madre 30” x 60” Front Skirted Tub with Right Drain

soaker tubs for small bathroom

[Brand: Atlantis, Buy here for $1,256]

Simple yet sleek–this compact one-piece bathtub by Atlantis complements any small bathroom. Its rectangular shape and apron front installation make it a perfect fit in bathroom nooks and alcoves. The tub’s streamlined design creates a seamless continuity with the wall so the room appears bigger. It also flaunts a high gloss white finish and sharp clean lines that work well with a minimalist or futuristic bathroom look. It’s excellent not only at maximizing spaces but also in providing a spa-like retreat with its smooth and extra-deep interior (that’s best to partner with bathing salts and aromatic oils, too!). Crafted with a non-porous acrylic material and antimicrobial coating, this tub is a safe and hygienic option even for children. Without a doubt, it delivers on its mission of bringing class, comfort and cleanliness to bathrooms. 

8) Wyndham Collection Hannah 59” Freestanding Bathtub in White

tiny freestanding tub

[Brand: Wyndham Collection, Buy here for $1,048]

This eye-catching small bathroom decor effortlessly stands out with its unique modern architecture. Contrary to its hard edges and exterior, the tub’s one reclining end offers delicate support and all-encompassing comfort as it fully accommodates the bather’s head, spine and upper limbs. It can also hold up to 74 gallons of water so it’s perfect for long soaking sessions. The tub’s flat side on the opposite end can be tightly attached or positioned near walls, so it’s a great choice if you want a more dynamic yet space-efficient option. This contemporary freestanding tub has chic drain and overflow designs that let you bathe with ease. Its straightforward layout has no hidden crannies that can collect dirt, ensuring a fully hygienic bathing experience. Get function and style in one while saving space! 

9) Wyndham Collection Mermaid 60 Inch Freestanding Bathtub in Black with White Interior

deep tubs for small bathroom

[Brand: Wyndham Collection, Buy here for $1,747]

Opting for a bolder look for your bathroom? This sophisticated black soaking tub offers exactly that. Designed with elegant symmetry and a gorgeous black finish exterior, this freestanding tub can certainly leave a big impact even in small and tight spaces. Its reclining ends naturally follow the curves of your body providing ergonomic support and outstanding comfort. This deep bathtub has double-walled, heat-efficient construction that makes it a great tub for warm, full immersion. Whether you want a tub to blend in your bathroom theme or a centerpiece that can create a dramatic contrast, this black bath haven will do the trick 

10) Ella's Bubbles 52”x 32” H3117-HB Royal Hydromassage Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub

small walk-in tub

[Brand: Ella’s Bubbles, Buy here for $4,817]

This 52“ long and 32“ wide walk-in bathtub only occupies a small footprint but goes big in relaxing and smart features! Like any walk-in tub, this Ella’s Bubbles bathtub is equipped with well-engineered and top-notch safety features such as its leak-free doors, 80-sec drainage, safe grip bars and non-slip floor. But what makes it even more outstanding is the convenient relaxation it offers through its targeted and adjustable hydromassage jets and a chair-height seat made for upright soaking. All these while you sip your favorite beverage or devour a good book – thanks to its swivel tray that can hold your things as you enjoy a leisurely dip. For a fairly narrow length, this tub is exceptionally spacious, safe and soothing. Indeed, it’s a good investment for you or your senior family member. 

11) Cambridge Plumbing 60”x 30” Acrylic Double Ended Pedestal Bathtub

soaking tubs for small bathrooms

[Brand: Cambridge Plumbing, Buy here for $2,741]

If you want more room for soaking, while having more flexibility in decorating your limited bathing space, this 60" X 30" Pedestal Tub is probably what you’re looking for. It has a freestanding installation so you have more placement and position options. Though pedestal tubs tend to be bulkier, this one is lightweight and more compact. It also features a deep interior and gently sloping dual ends, providing plenty of room to comfortably stretch and rest your entire body. This stunning pedestal tub is crafted with dual-layered acrylic over a fiberglass core–a perfect combination of style and strength. It comes with a free oil rubbed bronze plumbing package which is a handsome complement to the tub’s luxurious aura. With enough care and maintenance, this tub can serve as a permanent bathroom decor that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and relaxation. 

Small Bathtubs for Sale

Bathtubs need not be huge to be phenomenal. Small tubs may be shorter in size, but they are definitely not short in design, functionality and satisfaction. With the new emerging bathtub styles in the market, tiny tubs maintain their core asset– to be small enough to fit any home and bring a cozy and pleasurable bath everybody deserves.

With BathtubsPlus, you can purchase a lot more quality bathroom items other than small tubs– at a much more affordable price! The brands we partner with are some of the most trusted and credible in the industry, so you can ensure that the products we sell are only of the finest materials and top-notch manufacturing.

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