Why Getting a Walk-in Tub is a Smart Investment

Modern walk-in bathtubs have evolved their shape and design to match different bathroom styles. There’s the elegant freestanding tubs, the seamless drop-in tubs, and even the quirky egg-shaped ones-- the list is endless. As much as we want these trendy and aesthetic bathtubs in our homes, not all of them are built for everyone.

Sometimes the ideal bathtub is the one that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but that which doesn’t compromise our comfort and safety. And this is why a lot of our buyers love the convenient and senior-friendly walk-in tubs, because it offers exactly that.

What’s so special about a walk-in tub? Considering that it’s relatively pricier than other types, why should you invest your money in a walk-in tub?

A walk-in tub is more important than you think, and here’s why:

1. A walk-in tub's design is inclusive and accessible to everyone

From the name itself, a walk-in tub lets the bather walk directly into the tub rather than stepping over the side of it. A person can get in and out of a walk-in tub with confidence due to the tub’s easy-swing, extra-wide doors, and low threshold entry. These features eliminate the need to lift one’s leg over the usual high walls of a conventional tub. This alone makes it accessible and inclusive to people of all ages and bathing abilities.

It’s not like any other tub out there; its sophisticated craftsmanship best suits people with special conditions and circumstances. As you may know, bathing is not the same for all, and it can be extra difficult for the elderly and people with limited mobility. This is the very reason why such a tub is built: to give you or your family the independence they need.

Walk-in tub brands offer many other accessible features which you may find fitting for your home. For instance, one of Forbes Health’s best walk-in tub brands in 2021--Ella’s Bubbles, prides itself on providing innovative and accessible bathing solutions as proven in their wheelchair-accessible and safe step walk-in tubs.

Their best seller Ella Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub is a wonderful option for people who use a wheelchair or for those who simply need an easy-to-enter bathtub. Bathers can conveniently open its L-shaped aluminum door and easily transfer from any wheelchair, thanks to its barrier-free sidewall, chair-height design, and acrylic walk-in tub frame that makes sliding in and out smoother, easier and hassle-free.

Ella walk-in tubs are equipped with:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant molded bathing seat
  • Ergonomic controls that reduce stress on fingers and joints
  • Versatile (left or right) handles and (inward or outward) swing doors that promote the usage to all kinds of people. A lot of options for the tub parts really, depending on your needs!
  • Straightforward installation that doesn’t require much expertise

2. A walk-in tub has smart safety features that let you have a worry-free bath

Accidents can happen everywhere, even in our very own bathrooms. According to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 230,000 people are injured while bathing or showering in the bathroom each year. Among these, ages 65 or older have the highest injury rate.

While this headline is no longer new to us, it pays to be extra cautious particularly when it comes to our lives or our loved one’s.

Good thing we have trusted brands like Meditub, another outstanding walk-in tub brand of 2021 according to Forbes Health, that manufactures only quality and guaranteed-safe tubs.

MediTub Walk-in Tub is built to keep its bathers secured and to minimize accidents particularly among elderlies whose bodies are very delicate. It has the following notable safety features:

  • Extra low step in- no more tipping over slippery tubs!
  • Textured, slip-resistant flooring which considerably minimizes the risk of slip and fall accidents
  • Sturdy grip bars to assist the bather when standing up or navigating the tub
  • Leak-proof door that shuts and seals tightly, and prohibits water from flowing out
  • Auto-drain system that drains water in as little as 60 seconds or less, depending on water volume, for a guaranteed worry-free exit
  • Integrated overflow drain assembly that keeps the water to only a certain level, preventing drowning incidents especially among elderly users

Nothing is more enjoyable than a pleasurable bath without the risk of accidents!

3. A walk-in tub gives a comfortable and therapeutic bathing space

Beyond its functionalities and safety technology, walk-in tubs can provide you the same leisurely comfort you get from other tub types, or perhaps even better! It’s undoubtedly a whole package tub that benefits both your physical and mental wellness.

Walk-in tubs can come in either Soaker or Jetted Tub variations, for either a deep or a full body massage bath. Both soaker and jetted walk-in tubs have ergonomic designs to accommodate the bather’s entire body comfortably. They can have built-in neckrest and backrest, and heated seats to help recline and warm the body during longer bath duration.

There’s also the Jacuzzi walk in tubs with heater and jets that lets the bather enjoy an exhilarating in-home spa bath complete with massage systems, self-cleaning mechanism and other relaxing features like:

  • Air, Water or Combo Jets to enjoy either a soft air massage, deep and powerful hydro-massage or both,
  • Therapy features-- Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy-- which are both effective remedies for emotional and physical stress. Aromatherapy helps stimulate the release of endorphins a.k.a the painkillers and happiness hormones, while the power of hydrotherapy is known to soothe joint pains, muscle tensions and specific areas of the body,
  • Easy, push button control which automatically engages the in-line water heater and ozone sterilization when turning on the jets,
  • Sanitation systems like ozone sterilization and easy-to-maintain, nonporous surface that eliminates bacteria, and prevents mold and mildew build-up
  • Bathtub accessories for an extra-luxurious experience such as foot massage, healing colored lights or chromatherapy, luxury walk-in tub shower combo, pillow risers and more.

There are even walk-in tub for two people you can enjoy with a loved one!

So why is a walk-in tub a smart investment?

Never bargain away the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. You can always have your tub replaced, but never one’s precious life. This tub might cost you a few more dollars, but the extra price you pay is definitely priceless, especially when it’s for your family.

While a walk-in tub is not a “one size fits all” tub, its design caters to people with special needs which not all tubs can do. It creates a better way of life through its accessible, safe and therapeutic design. Not to mention the numerous health benefits it can provide you along the way.

Further, it’s a great bathing companion for everyone-- a bathing partner you can rely on everyday until you grow old. If you wish to age in place with your family, then this tub is the best fit for your home.

Whether you’re a parent with a growing family, a child with an aging parent, a real estate contractor or an owner of a homecare facility, you will find this tub the biggest bang for the buck, simply because it’s an investment that can last a lifetime.

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Before finalizing your choice, you may have very specific questions like:

-Can my loved one fit and sit comfortably in the walk-in tub’s seating area?
-How easy is it for people with arthritic hands to use the tub’s controls?
-How high is the step up/how many grab bars are there in the tub?
-Can it fit my bathroom space?

Spatial concerns, the bather’s strength and condition, and other factors should all be taken into consideration before finalizing your order. Don’t worry, we're happy to help you.

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