what is a soaking tub

Without the bubbles, massage systems and other high-powered features, can a bathtub still be as enjoyable and worth it?

The soaking tub's simple setup is frequently compared to the more sophisticated technology of jetted tubs, but does this make a soaking tub any less?

What is a soaking tub?

A regular soaking tub is longer and wider in shape, with a standard depth of 16-17 inches, giving its occupant the luxury to soak while laying down. If you want to go even deeper, there’s the 22-inch deep Japanese soaking tub which is designed for the user to sit upright and have his body wholly covered by warm water.

Here's everything you need to know about soaking tubs:

what is a soaking tub

1) A soaking tub provides tranquil relaxation like no other

Misconception: Soaking tubs are not as relaxing as jetted tubs

There is more to a soaking tub than simply being a deep basin that can be filled with more water. It actually offers the purest form of Hydrotherapy whereby the heated water’s natural buoyancy fosters a ‘weightlessness’ feeling that lets the bather ‘float’ in stillness and comfort.

Sounds too dreamy? There’s a science behind it. One can feel like floating in a soaking tub because 90% of our bodies’ weight is reduced in water. This considerably relieves the effects of gravity, giving you that relaxing ‘weightlessness’ sensation the longer you linger in the tub.

It’s also much quieter than air or whirlpool due to the absence of jets, making the whole experience more peaceful. This coupled with the unadulterated water of a soaker makes it a great choice to those who opt for a more natural in-home spa.

2) A soaking tub is chic yet practical

Misconception: It’s plain, uncomfortable and has few styles to choose from.

A soaking tub may seem like your ordinary tub, but it actually comes in a stunning array of designs, sizes and configurations that can practically fit any bathroom. Most soaking tubs today are freestanding, built with either pedestals or the classic feet. Both can effortlessly become a centerpiece and radiate a luxurious aura to your bathroom.

But a soaking tub is as versatile as it is stylish. It also has a lot more functional, ergonomic and efficient designs to accommodate specific bathing needs, like the corner soaking tub or Japanese soakers if you want to maximize tiny bathroom spaces, the walk-in alcove soaking tub for a more secured yet comfortable option for your loved ones, or the 2 person soaking tub that will give you more room to stretch and relax your legs, and can even be enjoyed with a partner.

The soaking tub’s dimensions and materials also provide a twofold water and energy saving. For heavier soaking tubs with cast iron, the water’s heat is retained longer due to the material’s superior insulating properties. Meanwhile, less heat is lost in more compact soaking tubs, given that only a smaller surface area of water is exposed to air. With these soakers, there’s no need to continually fill the tub with water as you enjoy your long warm bath.

Not to mention that it's relatively easier to maintain than jetted tubs. It has no jets that can get clogged and be damaged, so you can bathe and indulge with your favorite bath oils and salts. That’s less worries and more unwinding for you!

what is a soaking tub

3) A soaking tub provides medicinal soak

Misconception: They’re like a regular tub that’s meant for everyday soaking, nothing special.

There’s nothing special about soaking in an extra-deep tub, or so you thought.

We all know how a warm bath can feel good, but how can it actually be good for us?

A long, warm steep in a heated soaking tub does not only induce pleasurable feelings, it has multiple scientifically-proven healing properties too that can benefit your health in the long run.

The power of Hydrotherapy works wonders in relieving aching joints, muscles and bones. They have long been used as a form of treatment by physical therapists and even doctors. The vital healing element of hydrotherapy is the heat from the tub’s water which widens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation, thus allowing enzymes and endorphins (aka the body’s natural painkillers) to work more rapidly and effectively. In effect, warm soaks can reduce inflammation of sore or tight muscles and can generally heal muscular diseases and sports-related injuries.

A warm bath in a soaker is also good for your mental wellness due to heat’s physiological effects on the body. At night, the temperature of our bodies naturally drops, prompting the production of our sleeping hormones, or melatonin. Soaking in a warm bath can give you better slumber as it raises your body temperature first, then rapidly cools it down after exiting the tub. This process better activates the melatonin production, and prepares you to have a good night’s sleep.

A dip in a soaking tub is not only isolating and peaceful, it’s also warm like a mom’s embrace. True enough, science also explains that being submerged in warm liquid is akin to being in our mom’s womb, hence the feelings of closeness and coziness it brings. Another fantastic way how a warm soak calms the mind after the day’s hustle and bustle.

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Soaking tub, without doubt, is an end-of-the-day oasis that can easily soak your stresses away. Contrary to misconceptions, it’s style, comfort and convenience in one tub. 

freestanding soaking tub

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