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Admit it, at some point in your life you’ve planned to turn your own bath into that lavish bathroom you’ve always been dreaming of–complete with a glossy center bathtub and classy fixtures. When it’s time to finally upgrade your bathroom, you realize it’s unachievable. Thankfully, you don’t need a full-blown renovation to make your dream come true! There are plenty of easy and practical ways to facelift your bathroom and make it look brand new.

Don’t settle for less! Here are the 9 easy and low-cost ways to upgrade your bathroom without renovating it:

1) Swap Out your Showerhead

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Whether you’re a student, employee or a busy parent, your morning routine is crucial to keep up with a hectic schedule. Upgrading your morning habit doesn’t have to be complicated, you can start off by changing that old, crusty showerhead that’s been in your bathroom forever.

What seems like unimportant bathroom equipment can actually make a big difference when prioritized. New showerheads today provide more control options– multiple temperature settings, spray styles and adjustable angles, for a more personalized bathing experience. They’re a simple and efficient everyday tool that can serve many purposes. For an all-around showerhead, switch to a handheld sprayer which can be used for both showering as well as cleaning your tub and shower walls. Meanwhile, many of the recent models feature heavy rain technology that can instantly wake up any sleepyhead.

To fully revamp your shower space, consider updating your shower hardware too, (i.e. shower rods, bathtub faucets, etc.). Don't be afraid to try trendy looks and bold metal designs. If you want to get fancier, more high-tech and stylish shower panels are available in the market to match your bathroom interior.

2) Switch to Glass Showerdoors

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Keeping the shower area tidy requires heavy work, especially if multiple people use it everyday. Do yourself a favor and make your life easier by installing a glass showerdoor. Flimsy fabric or plastic shower curtains are not only bad at keeping the water splash out of the floor, they also attract mold and bacteria that make bathrooms less hygienic and hard to clean.

By installing easy-to-clean sliding glass doors, you enjoy a clutter-free, premium-looking bathroom with hassle-free maintenance. Clear glass showerdoors work wonders at maximizing spaces, as they make petite bathrooms appear more spacious. Its free-floating sliding action makes closing and opening effortless, so it’s accessible even to children and elderly.

When buying glassdoors for showers or tubs, be meticulous with the glass and hardware material. Tempered glass with stainless steel and aluminum hardware is surely safe and durable for long-term use. Choose glassdoors with double-sided shielding for a fog-free shower area. Glassdoors come in various sizes and installation options, so there is certainly one that will fit your bathroom.

3) Add Glass Shelf

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Tired of the endless bathroom reorganizing due to lack of space? Open glass shelves serve as a flexible space for both your bathroom essentials and decor. Its sturdy yet compact tempered safety glass material is a perfect fit for small baths that need to free up space but have no room for huge storage.

Unlike the usual standing cabinets, this shelf can be hung on walls or corners which is a great way to utilize spaces. There are different ways to install these shelves but they are often wall-mounted and only need brackets and screws for support. You can choose from a ton of customizable glass shelving systems on the market with various thickness, length and even color to fit any location in your bathroom. The best part is you can finish this project by yourself in just a few hours!

4) Install Towel Warmer

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This seemingly ordinary towel holder is an extraordinary lifesaver. Heavy, sopping wet towels can be damaging to walls and other bathroom fixtures, so it pays to install a towel warmer that will keep them dry and save you from the additional cost of damage.

With this inexpensive, easy-to-install accessory, you don’t have to worry again about towels littering on the floor. It has multiple sturdy bars that can hold towels, delicate personal items and other wet clothing while you shower. Built with rust-resistant stainless steel, you can assure that your towels are kept warm, hygienic and free from musty odor. Available in different designs and installation types like freestanding and wall-mounted, you can easily integrate it in any bathroom configuration. With a 20-min warm-up time, you get dry and mildew-free towels every time you finish your bath. It may be a simple addition to your space but the spa-like luxury and functionality it offers can make your shower time extra-indulging and convenient!

5) Replace your Toilet Seat

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A full toilet replacement is costly and tedious. Level up your bathroom throne with less effort and budget by replacing your toilet seat. Toilets are an integral part of our bathroom, but because we use them for our everyday “business”, it’s often neglected and under-maintained.

Don’t let your toilet become a disgusting eyesore. It’s best to have squeaky clean toilet seats that can also leave you completely clean and refreshed. Today, there are bidet-function toilet seats equipped with easy-to-control nozzles for targeted and thorough cleaning. The strength and direction of its water spray are adjustable so you can use it with ease.

With its simple DIY installation, you can build it yourself, waste no more paper towels and enjoy a full bidet experience– all for just a fraction of the usual stand-alone bidet’s cost. Plus, its lid shuts quietly so you can peacefully enjoy your seat and avoid disturbing other people in the room.

7) Revamp Sink Faucet

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Daily utility bathroom equipment like sink faucets are usually only replaced if it’s dripping non-stop. Don’t wait for another minute before taking action. That leaky faucet you keep ignoring costs you so much more money every year than you realize. Restore that flair in your bathroom while conserving water by revamping your sink faucet.

Since the bathroom is a place full of moisture, rust spots and blemishes easily develop around metal fixtures. After some years, it gradually wears out and loses its luster. When upgrading faucets, it’s not enough that it’s only shiny and stylish. It has to be durable, rust-resistant and versatile enough to accommodate any bathroom layout and design.

Picking the right faucet can be tricky. Make sure to examine carefully if its durability, functionality and measurements match your needs. The faucet’s holes and spout should fit the sink where it will be installed. Each faucet material or finish has its pros and cons; assess which can last longer depending on the usage and the users. There are single and dual handle faucets, but be sure to choose the one that has the most convenient operation. Whatever your preference is, you, your family and even your visitors deserve a clean, functional faucet for a better washing experience.

8) Consider Shower Seat

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Either for convenience or relaxation, a shower bench is a space-saving solution that can aid you in your bathroom rituals. More than just being a place to sit on, it has more practical uses for your everyday shower.

Shower seats are great safety companions–particularly to vulnerable people like kids and the elderly– as it allows them to sit in the shower and avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Since it’s inevitable for bathroom surfaces to be wet and slippery, it’s good to have a secured and comfortable place to settle while you do your other bathing tasks like steaming, scrubbing or shaving legs.

Most shower seats can be folded down so you can flip them out of the way when not in use. Its stable and spacious storage can hold toiletries too. Before purchasing a shower bench, make sure to know your shower dimensions so you can position it at the right spot. While you can build a DIY shower seat from scratch, pre-made benches are sturdier and more furnished so you certainly get your money’s worth. With proper upkeep, shower seats can improve your home’s functionality, aesthetic appeal, and even resale value.

9) Update Accessories

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You may think that adding accessories is just an unnecessary bathroom splurge, but it’s actually a low-cost, high-impact improvement that can keep your bathing experience quality and your space in order.

Adding towel rings, robe hooks, soap dishes and tumblers can freshen up your bathroom and bring greater functionality to your space. When taking baths during busy days, you don’t want to waste your time rummaging through your stuff to find the things you need. It’s more convenient to have these easy-access holders that will keep bathroom essentials in place, so you know where to grab them in just one glance.

Showers should be relaxing, not stressful! By strategically positioning these little organizers, you don’t just keep your space neat, you also avoid little mishaps that can ruin your entire shower experience. After all, who wants a soggy, misplaced soap bar lying all over the bathroom?

Upgrade your Bathroom to Improve Quality of Life

No matter how small the improvement, upgrading your bathroom will save you from impending costs, tons of stress, and will keep your home value high. You don’t have to remodel your space all at once; you can always start small, replace fixtures little by little, and give them your personal touch. For sure, even with minimal time, budget and effort, you can turn your bathroom into your dream home sanctuary!

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