bathroom vanity collection

Every homeowner wants his or her home to be admired by friends and family for elegance and class. Since the bathroom is an essential part of every home, this section has to be kept as neatly as the rest of the house.

Adorning Your Bath with Attractive Bathroom Vanity Options

bathroom vanity collection

The décor and layout of the bathroom reflects your taste for neatness while the lighting should enhance your bathroom vanity shelves. Since your bathroom may be discussed among outsiders, keeping it neat and uncluttered can definitely improve your reputation among your acquaintances whether you have a small or large vanity. 

Different Bathroom Vanity Options

For most people the lower section of vanity area is used as storage areas to keep essentials that the family uses on a regular basis in the bathroom like soaps, detergents, shampoos, towels etc. Since early days, standard wooden cabinet were being used for storage under traditional bathroom vanity but these tend to get spoilt fast due to wet conditions in the bathroom.

Depending on the space within a bathroom, the following attractive vanity options can be tried out to make even your small bathroom sinks and vanities appear elegant and smart.

Small Bathroom Vanity

small white bathroom vanity

If you have limited space, then wall mounted vanities for small bathrooms would be ideal as then you would have ample cabinet space to have a spacious storage area. While picking out vanities for your small bathroom, look for style which will complement the overall layout.

There are also the great space savers, small corner vanities, so you can use the odd and unutilized corners of your space. Bathroom vanities come in standard sizes, but you can find as small as less than 35 inches in width vanities.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

modern bathroom vanity

Modern designers provide vanities with tops and also without tops so you can choose the material to fit above which will complement your bathroom. Even with a small bathroom vanity set, you can use a variety of finishes to improve the overall appearance and match them with your bathtub and other fittings.

Large Bathroom Vanity Options

large white bathroom vanity

You can buy vessel-sink vanity bathroom furniture with or without mirrors-- depending on your choice and overall space it is likely to occupy. If you have twin vanity sinks in your bathroom it will give appearance of spaciousness and luxury. You may also opt to buy narrow but tall bathroom vanities instead, to make use of vertical than horizontal spaces. 

When the bathroom area occupies two large rooms with a separate bath and toilet, then one can be converted into the bathroom vanity area which can also have cabinets.

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